Study Flashcards On 2AX7X CDC Vol 1 & 2 Edit Code 5 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the . [ report this test ]. 2AX7X CDC Pretest 2 of In no particular unit/volume order, a random test of all URE and Self Test questions from the 2AX7X CDC’s 2 of Free flashcards to help memorize facts about 7 LvL CDCs taken from CDC Vol 1 and 2. Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble.

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Which munitions flight section receives, stores, warehouses, handles, inspects, ships, inventories, ddc transports containers, dispensers, and training items? Provided it has not been more than 60 days since the orginal due date, how many days are allowed after returning before decertification is required?

2ax7x Practice Test Volume 2 Of 2

Sign In with your ProProfs account. Which supply management document helps to ensure an orderly and continuous flow of reparable items through the various maintenance activities and to ensure the DIFM delinquency rate is held to a minimum?

The wing fdc object damage FOD monitor is normally located within the. If applicable, who is responsible for managing the squadron’s flying crew chief program?

Quiz: 2AX7X CDC Pretest 2 of 11

Detailed listing of authorizations including gains and losses a2x7x work center of FAC and includes the name and rank of the actual persons filling each postion.

AFIOperational Reporting Which AF publication provides general guidance for executing an effective maintenance recovery operation?

In order to account for unfunded requirements and valid non-maintenance tasks, the logistics composite model LCOM allows 2ax7c percentage of overhead manning? If an inaccessible item that poses no FOD thread is left in place, what type of documentation is maintained? Who, if anyone, may authorize the files to be decentralized?

When items are placed in an aircraft’s tail number bin TNBwhich entry is not normally needed? Who is responsible to the weapons section chief for monitoring all armament systems maintenance and loading operations?


Who is responsible for ensuring a secure area is provided for transient aircraft on an installation? Ensure maintenance training programs meet the intent of HHQ instructions. Which supply cddc document provides information on all document numbers processed during the day?

Other than three airframe and pwerplant courses, what is an example of aircraft maintenance related specialized course? Who acts as the wing focal point for propulsion maintenance programs and gives advice to wing leadership about propulsion issues? What type of specialized regional repair facility provides intermediate-level maintenance for selected commodities? What C-level would be reported if a unit possesses the required resources and is trained to undertake the full wartime mission s for which it is organized or designed?

What type of aircraft maintenance training is centrally produced but delivered to the student to be accomplished at theif convenience? Monthly An individual comes due for a training recertification while TDY, on leave, or incapacitated. What type of maintenance facility is a hybrid of 3LM and 2LM and combines intermediate level maintenance from multiple basis to one location? Out-of-hide positions Postions deemed important by organizational leadership but have not been validated.

MAJCOMs, supervisors, commanders Who must approve a waiver before an individual can be added to the special cerification roster SRC for a task normally performed by a person of a higher grade? What category of deficiencies includes recommended enhancements that improves or complements successful mission accomplishment but is not absolutely necessary? Which propulsion flight section stores, builds up, tears down, modifies, and repairs engines, quick engine change kits, and test components?

Free Management Flashcards about 2AX7X 7LvL CDC

How much do you know about cars? What do expedite supply requests represent? Who is held legally responsible for their unit’s environmental protection agency program compliance in accordance with AFIwaste management? Which section is tasked with performing user calibration and maintenance on TMDE for the Armament flight? Using equipment generates what type of maintenance? What type of 2a7x agreement is developed when two or more branches of the military are involved?


Who in the maintenance group MXG is responsible for ensuring the capability exists to meet local manufacture requirements? Section Supervisor In the Maintenance group MXGis responsible for ensuring the 2ax7xx exists 2axx7x meet local manufacture requirements? Engine start to engine shut down A dropped object that has resulted in casualties or property damage must be reported IAW? Who chairs a daily maintenance cdd meeting to develop and modify the overall maintenance plan of attack for an AMU?

If applicable, who is responsible for managing the squadron’s flying crew chief program? Other than simply scheduling maintenance, what is the purpose of maintenance scheduling mettings? An individual must receive what specific block of supply training before assuming duties as a due-in from maintenance DIFM monitor? How well do you know CraftedRL Alex.

Who should you contact if you need to request modification of a backorder, including changing the UJC or required delivery date RDD?

Cdf, Prioity Monitor Report Which supply tracking document provides a management product for monitoring issue and bench stock supply support? What can a maintenance analysis referral be used for?

Ensure that requested aircraft configuration changes do not over task maintainers. Which section is the wing focal point for engine health tracking and the engine health management program?

Which of the following is not a technical order TO change priority category? What overall C-level is reported for a unit that possesses the required resources and is trained to undertake many, but not all, portions of the wartime missions for which it was organized or designed?

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