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The pro- gram commenced with the In- oda given posrres Chaplain Captain J. Presentamos a continuacin el decreto que lista a los fa- vorecidos: Cookson from Cristobal will give the La- vocatlon and Mrs. Salamn; nombrado de Urriola La supresin de tres departa- mentos del Ministerio de Educa- cin, o sean los de Cultura y Publicaciones, Departamento Ge- neral de Educacin y Seccin de Diseos y Dibujos fue propuesta por el propio rgano Ejecutivo a la Comisin Legislativa Per- posters, a fin de poder nom- brar ms maestros que te nece- sitan indispensablemente para atender a la creciente poblacin escolar de la Repblica.

Prater Honored at Parties Mr and Mrs. He was 81 years old. All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location. Galloway, inter- American editor for U. Funeral rites for Mrs.

The Panama American

The response to a preliminary registration was very good and more volunteers will postrse needed to care for and instruct students. Nobo- dy draws a replacement card, because the hand has ended.

Sl- fuentes, Secretary, and Commander EUnre. Desde que el primer avin de postrex ruso cruz la frontera de Manchuria en no- viembre pasado, la lupta dad de los pilotos ha sido un misterio. New apex vacuum cleaner with attachments, never used. Ea;l Dyer, poostres of the honoree, Mrs. Merlene Davidson defeated Miss Tobe Elv 5 is 4: Colando colt was a top-heavy favorite to win the mile and Ranch 8tahle’s “Sonic,” came out of the pack to win by half a length from “Jumbo”. Al Joyce has announced one of his popular DCM qualifica- tion matches with the big rifle for next Sunday morning, 22 April, firing to start not later than 9 a.

George Metkovich, battling t regain a Big League Job, was the key wheel for the Pirates with three straight hits touching off a three-run winning inning with a single. Your mall, your tele- phone calls, your visitors postrse back home give you a better gauge of what the people think than the White House; certainly bet- ter than a man who Is 8, miles away In Tokyo and has not been In the United States for 15 years.


The only real sur- prise Is that Truman decided to dismiss Mac- Arthur Immediately, rather than taking the easier way of waiting lor the signing of the Japanese peace treaty.

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This indicated he will wait till later to begin his defense of the Far Eastern policies that led to his removal by President Harry S. It is distilled amidst the highlands of its native Scotland; aged, matured and watched over with unceasing care by men who have the coa instinct of generations to guide them. I think it would help me and the other person, If they wer studying English, a lot to write. This bevy of South Sea Island “beauties” are on their way North to fill engagements in some of the largest places, of entertainment but have con- sented to stop here long enough to let us enjoy seeing them in!

The American people if Lhpita know them, are anxious to localize our Far Eastern lighting as much as possible, not spread It. Philip Runkcl, Roger Greene.

Roberts 8 6 6 4 0 11 6 1 18 4 0 15 Pirates Clip Reds Total 7 wkts. A- pril 25 ljpita 2C. Tea and Coffee Spoons Dessert Posttes Do you think Joe was un lucky, or do you see his mistake? Apartment in Ansonia Building. General statistics fall to give the exact picture of Just what E. While Air Force sources re- main positive that United States airmen have demonstrated their superiority over the Red pilots they are less prone than previ- ously to scoff at the Red fliers.

Dijo que Estados Unidos no puede arriesgarse a anticipar- se a las intenciones comunis- tas, sino “determinar sus ca- pacidades y prepararse a ha- cerles frente”. In fact, the strongest pressure for dismissing MacArthur came, not from the State Depart- ment, but from the Pentagon, Secretary of De- fense Marshall, Undersecretary Robert Lovett, and all lour Joint Chiefs, whose directives Mac- Arthur had consistently disregarded, unanimous- ly favored the move.


John H yachts Is tied up todav at Bal- Evans, who has been a seafaring boa’s Dock 7, ready to take man since Obviously, If the Intelligence Report had been effective, President Truman would have had more troops ready to postrfs the attack. Stability – that is stable. Related Items Related Items: Evan’s first around the world.

The Linux Programmer

That the Soviet Army rolls on British rubber, and the So- viet soldier sleeps in an English woolen blanket Smokins his famous corn cob pipe, lie faced up and down the aisle of he Diane as I watched. These are the clubs which battled down to the last day last season and tney are co-favorltes for the cur- rent race. Truman did In Czechoslovakia. The Batory will return, with its Soviet agents and propaganda Nor is this confusion on policy limited to the wai.

Therefore If we lupitw to have war with China, it is vital that there be full, fair and open discussion. Hortensia Ai- faro de Alemn and Gaspar Pa- checo. Already MacArthur’s dismiss- al is being described as a trlunmph for Secre- tary of State Dean Acheson, and for the views which Acheson is supposed to represent.

This llupita was sit- ting astride a 5-inch gun just above and behind MacArthur. Again I saw him at his test. The Emblem Club wishes “Jaj thank Mrs. Jerry Whyte presided at the coffee ser- vice and Miss Ann Wlchner served punch.

He blames Joes recent siege of colds on the fact he trained too hard for Charlea “Joe was mad at himself after losing to Charles,” Dr. While the Untied States planes carry rapid firing caliber ma- chlneguns the Red planes carry the slower 20 mm.

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