Find Merit’s complete line, Tape Marked,* listed in John Rider’s Tek -File and Howard Sam’s Photofacts and PCB and. Modal Sel ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 35M [ ] Oct K [ ] K [ ] Oct M [ ].

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Excludes any surpluses from previous years.

/mvco/Campmt_s — Level 3

Interest revenue from investments has been similarly treated. Other Urban Rural Total. Sum of sales by Canadian coal mines, colliery consumption, coal suppli to employees and coal used in making coke.

Gold and Coir in Canada. Forced Saving 11 ‘ 2. See also foot- note 2. Canada Annual Average Succession Duties Liquor Revenue Net.

Index of /opensuse/debug/distribution/13.1/repo/oss/suse/i586

Irain Elevators otal of Companies No. Wage rate index for Manufacturing Industries as shown in table on lacing page rates paid for overtime work. Clothing Wood Products, incl. Board fioe Trade 1 -” U.

Full text of “Statistical summary, January – December “

Average months ending Aug. School taxes include those for districts in unorganized territory.

Rural Total Durint years under review the bank loans of the Canadian Wheat Board Increased or dtcreastd a? Change in Liquid Reserves in Gold or U. Over Total”‘ 2 yrs. Forced Saving “‘ 2. Largely advances to foreign governments 4.1.2221. the Export Credits Insurance Act. Month-end Figures —10 Mths. Provincial Treasury Bills are excluded. Retirements were paj able In: Water power is calculated at the coal equivalent, based on the average 5 efficiency of central electric stations in the United States as reported by the Edison Electric Institute.


Forced Saving ‘ 45 74 9 66 60 59 53 The above table includes companies operating at a loss: Total Demand Deposits Board of Trade a U. Ending June, Cash Dividends Undistributed Profits incl. Public Welfare Paper Exports: Unless otherwise stated tables and charts refer to Canada only.

Index of /opensuse/ports/ppc/distribution/13.1/repo/oss/suse/ppc64/

These totals differ from those shown for Provincial Governments page 39 due to general municipal subsidies being shown above as transfers of revenue, while in the Provincial Governments statement they appear as provincial expenditures and also to the fact that Federal payments to the Common School and School Lands Funds are shown as “Revenue” in the Provincial Governments statement.

4.1.222. given are annual averages of estimated month-end Canadian deposits in and monthly average Canadian deposits in and after. Because of increased efficiency in the 6 utilization of coal, this average decreased from the equivalent of 1. Province of Quebec issue delivered in January and made to refund maturities which fell due in is treat as having been sold in the last Quarter of Non-monetary Gold 69 67 45 61 52 38 52 59 50 98 49 62 39 55 66 70 79 60 94 1, 87 54 1, Interest and Dividends 62 Freight and Shipping Other Current Items Total 1, 69 90 92 69 71 95 68 80 95 40 96 81 1, 18 99 1, 1, 24 1, 1, 34 2, Imports or Debits Merchandise Trade Adjusted.


Special inventory reserves amount- .41.222.1 to. Over-all requirements and sources of financing are considerably inflated by large amounts included in special revenue which are in the nature of bookkeep- ing items.

Canada, U.

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