Aceh Pungo has 13 ratings and 0 reviews. Buku setebal plus xxii halaman ini ditulis oleh Taufik Al Mubarak, jurnalis muda yang bekerja di. The title of his book is Aceh Pungo (Aceh Gila). I am interested because the title is provocative let alone concerning by taufik. Did you know????? Why is this aceh nation called ACEH PUNGO?? the aceh nation is a nation that is very loyal by agungforever.

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In this breakthrough, there was a one-on-one ;ungo, one against an Acehnese soldier advancing with a klewangwhich was difficult for the Dutch to face him at close range. At least a classy job.

ACEH CRAZY OR ACEH PUNGO | TengkuputehTengkuputeh

Kern what the people of Aceh are doing is a feeling of dissatisfaction because they have been oppressed by the Dutch because it will remain against the Dutch. And this daring act of killing is done anywhere on the street, in markets, in parks or in barracks alone.

Therefore, all violent acts should not be perpetrated against the people of Aceh. Given the condition of several years ago, about the Aceh conflict. Source Image Pngo Aceh, the love of religion is very strong.


Recorded cases of attacks occurred in the period between toand became an important record in the history of Aceh war against the Dutch. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. This began because the Acehnese felt they were being wronged by the state capital, because many of the natural resources were inundated while the development facilities in Aceh were simply ignored.

A conclusion that may contain truth, but there may also be mistakes, given the aaceh which are unattainable by the foundations of scientific thought in Atjeh Moorden. Afrizal added it Jul 15, I hope you publish it! Given the condition several years ago, about the conflict in Aceh.


By means of this violence, the Dutch expected the people or the fighters to be afraid and to stop the Dutch resistance. Muhammad Musliim added it Aug 15, Di antara kelebihan buku ini adalah kelihaian penulis dalam mengendus problematika sosial politik yang berkembang dalam masyarakat—yang kebanyakan tampaknya hanyalah persoalan-persoalan biasa dan nyaris tak menjadi perhatian publik, lalu mengemasnya dalam tulisan-tulisan bernada kritik yang simpel tapi tajam.

This typical Aceh killing between — has occurred as much as 79 times with the victims on the Dutch side 12 dead and 87 wounded, while on the Acehnese side 49 people were killed. Crazy prestige The Acehnese, in general, so pick and choose jobs. While this is not an absolute state, but the number of dominant enough provided the basis for this conclusion. Thresher throughout the year. Personal and group attack.

That is the title of Aceh Pungo Gekke Atjehsche: Muda Bentara rated it liked it Feb 05, Saya tidak bisa memastikan alasan apa dibalik pencantuman judul pungl. Crazy when it’s love. Buku setebal plus xxii halaman ini ditulis oleh Taufik Al Mubarak, jurnalis muda yang bekerja di koran Harian Aceh.

Is the war for the people of Aceh a culture? In fact, some regions also wear the custom of “burned money”. Cleric spell words like panacea to muffle punngo and disputes.

Aceh Pungo

Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. Gekke Atjehsche Acehnese madman arose because ache during – there was a typical Aceh killing that was no longer in the group system for war.

I am interested because the title is provocative let alone concerning my region and my entity as an Acehnese.

Munandar Aceh88 rated it it was amazing Dec 03, pungp That’s a little story why Aceh is synonymous with the term Pungo or crazy.


Until now, it never cracked jargon of the Acehnese I tried to study, it seems, there are 5 things that cause Aceh until today known like that, at least this is just a brief overview, from my point of view.

Furthermore, the Dutch East Indies government implemented a new policy known as advanced politics of ideas by C.

Aceh pungo | Open Library

This book contains the opinion of Taufik Al Mubarak about attitude, behavior to things done by Aceh people who seem crazy and unreasonable.

I am still in the learning phase, but I also write a lot. Ikbal Husni marked it as to-read Jun 08, I can not be sure, everyone agrees with this or not. Fahzir Fahzir added it Dec 27, One of his writings is also about the Acehnese who are crazy at war. There are so many phenomenal things. Nntikan postingan selanjutnya abu.

Sultan was arrested in and exiled to Java. Dean Maulidin marked it as to-read Mar 05, Source Image Not in the sense of Acehnese people like troublemakers. Apa karena unsur psikologi pemasaran agar tampak sensasional dan menarik konsumen atau barangkali ini terkait dengan demam politik yang semakin merambah semua sudut kehidupan akhir-akhir ini sehingga semua hal selalu dikait-kaitkan dengan politik?

Occupation Professor, author, spy, colonial advisor. Almost every corner deserves to be written. In other words, that figure is almost 4 percent of the total population at that time. In Aceh, the dowry is given not in terms of money, but rather gold.

Then, the love of the nation, this is very apparent when they are outside Aceh.

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