science, my brother St. Jakutis reviewed this monograph. With colleague A. the textbook “Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai”, which texts are redesigned by. ĮMONIŲ EKONOMIKOS IR VADYBOS KATEDRA įtaką darančių veiksnių teorinius pagrindus. Moksliniai Jakutis et al. Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai. Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai. new lt · Ekonomikos teorijos pagrindai. A. Jakutis, V. Petraškevičius ir kt. 3 00€. Taigi, mano mieloji. Detektyvinis romanas.

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Implementation of measures of the strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth is teoeijos only employing all the professional means of competitiveness assurance in an integrated way.

KEISTOTEKA | Skaitytų knygų knygynas, knygos internetu

The drafts of legal acts have to be announced in specialised publications, discussions of drafts with interested institutions and organisations have to be held. The novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the results are revealed through the following aspects: The administration of taxes should be efficient to ensure budget revenues at lowest cost.

The multi-criteria methodology for evaluation of intellectual capital was created and adapted. This has been perfectly perceived in the European Union, where innovations in industry are promoted employing a wide range of forms: Labour, as conception of labour market, is expressed as workforce, which consists of all the employed residents and the unemployed individuals, who are in active search for a job.

Labour force supply is mainly influenced by the following factors: From to the end of the tax reforms in Lithuania firstly targeted at the fiscal principle gaining budget revenuesdisregarding complicated situation of enterprises in the country during recession. Assessing the influence of taxes on unemployment rate and dynamics, the aforesaid drawbacks were avoided.

This is related to dependence of this indicator on production and trade scale, kind of activity, technical level, labour efficiency, market for realisation of goods and services. Therefore, the involved parties of financial transactions, representatives of financial institutions have to more comprehensively perceive interests of each other and the harmony of interests of all the parties of transaction.

However, new modern industrial productions have formed in Lithuania, whereof products are scientific innovation-intensive, competitive in international markets and have high value added biotechnologies, lasers, chemical substances, etc.

While making decisions in game or conflict situations, uncertainty emerges because one decision maker is not aware of motivation or actions of another one. Random variables are frequently divided into two groups: On the one hand, the analysed themes revealed a more complete content of these processes; on the other hand, the modern principles of stochastic modelling were applied, which allowed for quantitative evaluations of factors of labour and capital markets and for choice of possible scenarios for development of processes.


Since methodologies for calculation of tax burden and taxation level are not available in Lithuania, economists evaluate tax burden in a number of different ways.

Quantitative financial analysis is one of the most dynamic branches of economics, which derived from financial mathematical probability theories, mathematical statistics and needs of financial activities. The list of referred to methods is long — decision making experts are aware of a big number of other methods. Having acquired the necessary qualification, a big number of people are unemployed and are not able to actively involve in production of commodities and development of services.

Multi-dimensionality is characteristic of business competitiveness. Regularities and perspectives of labour market development. In such cases a decision maker has to identify subjectively as well if the gained higher revenue will compensate for the greater assumed risk. To achieve this goal, contemporary methods are applied that allows for evaluation of positive and negative outcomes of the consequences considering both the extent of consequences and probabilities for their occurrence.

Firstly, employing correlation and regression analysis, the dependencies of factors and processes are analysed, which are measured in a quantitative way on the basis of historic data only.

Decisions are often made on the basis of a subjective feeling of a decision maker regarding risk of anticipated profit. The multi-criteria methodology for evaluation of intellectual capital was prepared that creates conditions for rational management of innovations and competitiveness development.


One of the goals of this work is to create prerequisites for risk assessment in the process of practical financial and commercial decisions, whereof quantitative expression employs adequate mathematical models. Law on taxes should be equal to everybody regardless the activities or status of a taxpayer.

It is assumed that numerical value of probability ranges from 0 to 1. Moreover, the situations may not necessarily be clear. Competitiveness and its management solutions. Creating laws on taxes and implementing the national economic policy, it is important to consider who will pay taxes, how ekonomikks from which sources these taxes will be paid, what is financial capacity ekonomijos taxpayers, whether the tax burden will onerous, which will impede development of the national economy.


On the basis of information available, decisions may be classified as: The completed scientific papers aim at the following objectives: The factor of time is as important as sums of money particularly conducting long-term transactions.

Further growth of tax rates may lead to decreased revenue because taxpayers start avoiding taxes, legal economy turns into grey one, tax payers become destitute due to growing taxes, i. Such a variety of conditions and other factors increase uncertainty of final returns of transaction even conducting the simplest transactions.

It can be stated that the higher the standard deviation, the higher the range of variance in anticipated results and, thus, the more risky the alternatives of decision are observed.

The difference in individual and group decisions is based on accordance of goals or interests. Labour force demand is defined as the amount of labour that is needed and may be hired by employers or which may be fulfilled employing own abilities independently.

The best example of risk free investment is US Treasury bonds. If two analysed investments may bring not the same net revenue and their risk level is different, the process of decision making becomes rather complicated. It is obvious that performance of state functions requires enormous financial resources. Analysing and applying quantitative models of finances, stochasticity of the anticipated results and possibilities for applying the most accessible computer programmes are considered.

Decisions on daily issues are made much faster compared to ones that have a log-term effect. In order to successfully integrate NRP into perspective development projects, the General National Programme for Scientific Research and Collaboration of Science and Business was prepared and approved. Tax productivity is based on assurance of sufficient revenue to cover expenditure of the state.

Secondly, it also embraces such competences of skills, knowledge and abilities that are used in a targeted, efficient and expedient way by an individual in the sphere of public activities and that contribute to growth of labour efficiency and production.

Policy on taxes and social insurance contributions is an efficient means for regulation of unemployment and work efficiency.

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