Akkordlohn . Zeitlohn, Akkordlohn, Prämienlohn: Ausgestaltung sowie Vor-. Arbeitnehmer beanstandet nicht berücksichtigte Prämien bei Berechnung des. Beim Akkordlohn wird die tatsächlich erbrachte Leistung entgeltet. wird eingesetzt, wenn die Berechnung genauer Akkordsätze unwirtschaftlich ist. Für den. ЪНЁЁЕЁ jìjiàn göngzi Akkordlohn m Sg. ìtÍÈFIMï jijiàn Kalkulation f-en, Berechnung f-en Ъ’ГЁК jìsuàn chi Rechenschieben m – Ъ’ГЁ’ЁЁЁ jìsuàn cuòwù.

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But with all the imprecision and misrepresentations it introduced, how could the Germans have maintained an interest in their efficiency quotient at all? Part Two, the middle portion of this work, presents the genesis of the cultural differences and advances a model of the creation of labor as a commodity of labor that applies to other European settings as well.

They routinely levied a retroactive charge upon the responsible weaver when it finally turned out that a damaged piece akkordlohh a substandard price on the market in addition to any fines the managers may have levied for faults detected at the moment the weaver handed in the piece. But we can examine one concept to see how it composes a consistent province of practice. Their operations, not their representation, subverted from within the dominant Enlightenment discourse of governance by sanctions that were public and were applied for the edification of autonomous subjects.

A large factory could work on sixty to eighty types of cloth in a day. For eastern Germany, see Stadtarchiv Cottbus, All 3. Finally, we have not treated culture as a means of legitimating. In fact, the odd irregularities in the Huddersfield scale, which turn up after calculating the rates of payment gerechnung thousand weft threads woven, fall in between the grosser intervals of German pay tables.

When the base rates for simple cloth rose or declined over the years but the one-penny increments for progressively more complex cloth remained fixed, a curious artifact arose: Even the dockworkers could view their employers as purchasers of a kind of tangible “product. The method of comparing types of labor via the linear properties of the product also prevailed in Britain during a formal inquiry by the Bradford Chamber of Commerce into new methods for comparing weaving scales in Yorkshire.


The British iron and steel wkkordlohn, which employed almost as many persons as the textile trade, used scales that automatically adjusted piece rates to vending prices when circumscribed markets developed for standardized products such as nails and iron bars.

Personalentlohnung by Louisa Hochadel on Prezi

In Yeadon the weavers used a “Ready Reckoner” device, copies of which were distributed by the union, to verify their piece rates. Sometimes the company books tell the story; Bolton Oral History Collection, Tapemule piecer, born This British manager put into words what the output records of other firms display in their arrangement of numbers.

By proceeding to show that other forms of practice, such as fines imposed on workers for defective cloth, the categories for wage records, and the transfer of jobs between workers in a single factory incarnated disparate views of labor as a commodity, we may enhance the plausibility and plenitude of a cultural explanation.

In his view, the concepts informing social representations may lead to the creation of procedures, to be sure, but these two elements may also remain unconnected. Yorkshire Factory TimesFebruary 25,p. Where the measure of the theoretically possible output embraced net factory time, the ratio served as an approximation in distributing overhead and general expenses to determine the manufacturing costs of various classes of goods.

At illuminating junctures, such as the late creation de novo of piece-rate scales in Yorkshire or during the breakdown of labor-management institutions in diverse industries, we saw that “institutional inertia” alone cannot be invoked for the reproduction of forms of practice.

The journal’s summary cast the employers as investors who get a return by furnishing the means of production, not as innovative organizers and controllers of the use of living labor.

The Fabrication of Labor “d0e”

The civil law book made a distinction between business contracts for the delivery of a product and employment contracts for the offering of a labor service Dienstvertrag. Since the efficiency ratio mirrored the realities of production so poorly, its akjordlohn cannot be explained as a rational adaptation to the circumstances of production.


Could this timeworn difference in vocabulary mark the appearance of a distinctive concept of labor as a commodity in Germany that remained absent in Britain?

Stranger still, Marx himself never pondered the sources of his revelation. International Publishers, []p. One reason they gave for using the pay-by-shot system was that it permitted them to divide the worker’s activity and output into minutely small segments. Some commentators supposed that since this time was extrinsic to weaving itself, it ought to be excluded from the determination of the ratio; others included it, since managers wanted to know the source of all delays.

Chapman, The Lancashire Cotton Industry: The British, with pay by length, first drew systematic linear relations between types of whole cloth and then projected these distinctions onto the weaving activity.

Essensgutscheine 61 Zur Auslegung von Art. Textile Mercury, p.

Meaning of “Prämienlohn” in the German dictionary

In the early industrial revolution, too, fining appears to have been combined with locking out: But their product could still serve as the sign for abstract labor. Wadsworth, The Strutts kakordlohn the Arkwrights — Manchester: But if the number of weft threads inserted by the weaver were measured, weavers on dense fabric would be likely to be overpaid.

In an incident at Great Horton inthe owner said workers akkord,ohn use a buddy system if the manager did not object—but the manager did object. It would be akkorflohn, but also simplistic, to conclude that the method of pay per shot, the reliance on the efficiency ratio, or, in later years, the use of the pick clock allowed German managers to impose tighter production quotas on workers than could their British counterparts.

Monthly Review Press,pp. Elizabeth Roberts’s interview with Mr.

When questioned about their attitude toward their “boss,” piecers described, not the factory owner, but the spinner. Germany and Britain, Bypay by length was derided in Aachen as an “antiquated system.

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