Author: Aldous Huxley. Date first posted: Sep. 11, wiser, more conducive to a quiet life, to leave Loudon and start afresh in some other parish? Grandier. HUXLEY’S MASTERPIECE AND PERHAPS THE MOST ENJOYABLE BOOK ABOUT SPIRITUALITY EVER WRITTEN..” — Washington Post Book WorldAldous. Note. In this short text, Aldous Huxley puts forward the hypothesis that the evils we ascribe to religious intolerance and obscurantism are instead a product of.

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Men are possessed by their thoughts of a hated person, a hated class, race or nation.

There are substantial passages in French that are beyond me and the German vocabulary is extraordinary in the context of a novel. I love when this type of stuff has been researched and wants to show yo Pretty good! There is no stone left unturned in this gruesome account of alleged demonic possession which led to numerous botched exorcisms.

Herded into mobs, the same men and women behave as though they possessed neither reason nor free will. I borrowed it from the library in Galway, Ireland At the time I first read this work I was also researching a paper on chur I first read this book in high school and it made a great impression on me.

At one level it is the biography of Urbain Grandier, the Catholic priest so condemned. I have mentioned the Devils of Loudun throughout the years and find that most people know nothing of it. However; if you focus only on the story of Grandier’s martyrdom, presented in perhaps too realistic shades of grey, you may wonder why the author continues for so many pages afterwards.

Books by Aldous Huxley. Maybe I just haven’t read enough. They had been brought up in a religion which taught that the will is free, the soul immortal; and they acted upon these beliefs even in relation to their enemies. Some believe in the possessions, but they are willing participants like the exorcist, who delights in sexually torturing the nuns with enemas and other implements, all in the name of God. Some wonderfully dark, comedic touches throughout e.

All these are indispensable, but none of them is enough. It is time apprehended as one damned thing after another. Their decision, the mechanism they thus set in motion, and the karmic fallout are all carefully detailed; and Huxley dwells in a very caring way on this Jesuit mystic who was lucid and capable of profound insight, yet at the same time considered mad by all his colleagues.


The Devils of Loudun was first published inI think, and when I finished reading it, I thought about all the stuff I read huxpey school, the critical theory that’s come out of the academic community and the religious and political discourse that’s come out sinceand I just felt like something had gone terribly wrong.

Huxley does not overtly bash religion, but turns a cynical eye on the actions of not only the priests, nuns, and exorcists, but also of the population in general whether the poor inhabitants of Loudun or wealthy and influential of other cities. Maybe the edition I hux,ey is difficult to find in America. Circumstances have now delivered the churchmen from certain of the temptations to which, in earlier centuries, their predecessors almost invariably succumbed.

Mar 06, Rory Tregaskis rated it really liked it. It is a very focused study. Also good ole Huxley put a bibliography in the back! We must now consider a strictly physiological method of escape from insulated selfhood, the way of loueon penance.

William James, in his Varieties of Religious Experiencegives instances of ‘anaesthetic revelations’, following the inhalation of laughing gas. I love when this type of stuff has been researched and wants to show you where they found it. Consider, for example, the way of rhythmic movement.

That he dvils to make the worst of both worlds, instead of the best, is also sadly typical. For this reason I propose to discuss some of the more common Grace-substitutes, into which and by means of which then and women have tried to escape from the tormenting consciousness of being merely themselves.

It is very clear and most passages are translated. I mean, it’s not like he’s just saying “most religions say that murder is wrong. I first read this book in high school and poudon made a great impression on me. When we identify ourselves with an idea or a cause we are in fact worshipping something homemade, something partial and parochial, something that, however noble, is yet all too human. After six years of incessant struggle, the Church Militant gave up the fight. Then I would end the novel at, or very briefly after Grandier’s death.


It deals with actual events, that’s true. I have quotes too!

The Devils of Loudun – Wikipedia

View all 5 comments. Everyone now knows how to read and everyone consequently is at the mercy of the propagandists, governmental or commercial, who own the pulp factories, the linotype machines and ludon rotary presses. Lludon speaks to a reader devoted to truth and careful analysis who holds the author and the reader to devil standards. Being in a crowd is the best known antidote to independent thought. So long as we are confined within our insulated selfhood, we remain unaware of the various not-selves with which we are associated – the organic not-self, the subconscious not-self, the collective not-self of the psychic medium in which all our thinking and feeling have their existence, and the immanent and transcendent not-self of the Spirit.

This raises a very important and difficult question. Oliver Sacks mentions this work in his new book Hallucinations for its depictions of groups experiencing mass delusions. The context changes, but the gist and the meaning are invariable.

The Devils of Loudun

I mean how – how can one suck all life out of a story that is overfilled with passions. Retrieved from ” https: Lastly, people in the 17th century believed crazy things and did awful, cruel things to each other. It is multiplicity in isolation from its non-dual Ground.

In one hjxley its innumerable forms music is a powerful drug, partly stimulant and partly narcotic, but wholly alternative. Loyalty to their group transforms these pleasant vices into acts of heroism.

The Devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley

In the course of the last forty years the techniques for exploiting man’s urge towards this most dangerous form of downward self-transcendence have reached a pitch of perfection unmatched in all of history. Never before have so few been in a position to make fools, maniacs or criminals of so many.

Mar 14, Jordan Moore rated it really liked it. Nothing was going according to plan.

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