Life history: Anagyrus pseudococci is an endoparasitoid that places its eggs ( about 45/female; /host) between the wax filaments on the. CITRIPAR. Anagyrus pseudococci. CITRIPAR. Unit of packaging. Anagyrus pseudococci (parasitic wasp) Pack size: 50 ml bottle. Contains: mummies mixed with. Anagyrus is a large genus of parasitic wasps from the family Encyrtidae. Anagyrus is distributed . Anagyrus pseudococci (Girault ); Anagyrus pulcher (Ashmead, ); Anagyrus pulchricornis (Howard ); Anagyrus pullus Compere.

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Keep the product at room temperature not refrigerated! Anagyrus pseudococci is currently being sold by several producers of natural enemies, for use against mealybugs in fruit pseudococcii orchards, vineyards, and protected cultivation.

Anagyrus pseudococci is a well-known parasitoid of Planococcus spp.

Adults emerge through an irregular exit hole that they chew in the posterior end of the mummified host mealybug Figure 1 Avidov pseudococcii al. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: All products are tested to meet specification requirements before leaving the factory. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. For more information please contact us. The vine mealybug is of economic importance because it infests wine grapes and uses a variety of weeds as alternate hosts Gutierrez et al.

It is especially designed to prevent ants from penetrating inside, yet enabling the parasitic wasps to emerge undisturbed. The eggs are yellow-white and 0. You want to visit the corporate website?

Producer of sticky traps BKS A. Thanks for your interest in our work.


Unit of packaging Anagyrus pseudococci parasitic wasp Pack size: Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: The lower portion of the face has dark brown markings Noyes and Hayat If ants are present at the mealybug hot spots, they must be annagyrus. Visual effect Pseudocofci mealybugs can be observed two to three weeks after deployment, depending on temperature. Ants reduce the effectiveness of biological control against mealybugs, and growers will have to treat for ants to achieve the best results Daane et al.

It is now widely established in California and used for biological control against the invasive vine mealybug Planococcus ficus Pseudockcci Daane et al. Economic Importance Back to Top Anagyrus pseudococci is economically important as a biological control agent for agricultural and greenhouse pest mealybugs and to control the citrus mealybug in its native range of Italy and Israel Noyes and Hayat White areas are found at the base of the antennae where the antennae join the head the scape and portions of the legs.

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The ovipositor is short and only slightly exserted Noyes and Hayat Mini Hive Seed Production B. Description Adults show marked sexual dimorphism: Females lay one egg that will develop inside a host, making it a solitary endoparasitoid; if multiple eggs are laid per host, only one develops Avidov et al.

Although development may cease at slightly higher pseudoccci, Anagyrus pseudococci can survive brief periods of exposure to high or low temperatures Daane et al. Production is carried out using innovative techniques under controlled quality assurance standards such as ISO Ants encourage honeydew secretion by the mealybugs, transfer them from one place to another and protect them by actively interfering with the parasitoid. Yes, I want to receive personalized e-mails.


The larvae are white and develop inside their hosts.

Anagyrus pseudococci

The head is flatter than that of the female. Log in Register now.

Here is your latest news. Parasitises the second and third larval and adult stage in particular of female citrus mealybugs and vine mealybugs.

Anagyrus-System | Biobest

Encyrtidae as a parasitoid of the vine mealybug, Planococcus ficus Homoptera: Green and Runner bean. Adult females that lay fertilized eggs have a higher fecundity than females that lay unfertilized eggs Avidov et al. Recorded hosts include citrus mealybugs, Pseudococcus citriculus Green Avidov et al. Users need to time releases to coincide with preferred temperatures for the best control Daane et al.

Description Back to Top Eggs: The egg stalk anxgyrus is broken by the fourth instar Daane et al. Application Adult wasps will emerge from the mummies within one to five days depending upon the ambient temperature. Encyrtidae and its host Planococcus ficus Signoret Hemiptera: Citrus mealybugs are primary pests on citrus, but their host range includes at least 27 different plant families, including economically important indoor ornamentals, vegetables, and fruits Tingle and CopelandGill et al.

Sweet pepper and Hot pepper.

It is an efficient, controlling enemy of the citrus mealybug Planococcus citrithe grape mealybug, the vine mealybug Planococcus ficus and the cypress mealybug Planococcus vovae.

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