The Andalites are an advanced race of centaur-like aliens. overcome his genetic illness, only to find out that the leader of the Animorphs was a human. Elfangor states in the The Andalite Chronicles that “There were rumors soon they’ d let. The Andalite Chronicles (Elfangor’s Journey, Alloran’s Choice, An Alien Dies) – Animorphs [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on. Andalite Chronicles | Download & Read The Animorphs E-Books.

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There are action scenes galore, however my lack of five stars is due to not being able to full imagine them in my mind, which made me hard to read it in one sitting, even though it’s a fairly short book.

The Andalite Chronicles

This was before we developed our tail blades and we had no protection but speed. Elfangor knew it wasn’t a good idea to deal with a yeerk but he doesn’t have any choice. There are some genuinely upsetting and terrifying things that happen. Ifi November 23, at The other most notable feature of the animoorphs is the lack of a mouth.

Life is pretty uneventful, until they are called on to board a Skrit Na ship because adult Andalites can’t fit inside them. They bury the Time Matrix, deciding it is too dangerous a weapon for any one species to control. He then dies at the hands of Visser Three, leaving a recording of his tale this book that is sent out into space. He was a sci-fi sndalite and I was sort of carried.

She trusted the young aristh and loved him. I was glad I did.

Ani,orphs planet’s sky is coloured red and gold. Vietnamese covers three books. But take that with a grain of salt. I knew he was named Hedrick. Published December by Scholastic first published January 1st You get the hero worship through Ax, and his last brave, dying moment from book one.


Beyond their impressive physical makeup there is the matter of Andalite technology. We get to see the Taxxon homeworld, and the difficult choices that war thrusts upon everybody.

He says that Elfangor is not where he should be and through various forms of manipulation convinces Elfangor that he must return to the way things are supposed to be, leaving Earth and Loren whose memories will be wiped behind. The time in the time spiral confuses me.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised! Omg it makes me love Tobias even more!!! Yet this book is quite the mixed bag. Elfangor went on to become a great Andalite hero, leading to the events of the first Animorphs book, where Visser Thirty-Two, having escaped the collapsing universe, has been promoted to Visser Three. I thought he lost it when the Ellimist restored his Andalite form, like how Tobias remained a hawk but could morph again.

If this message someday reaches the Andalite worldI want the truth to be known. After some horrific experiences, Elfangor and Loren get to the Time Matrix and use it to transport themselves to earth. I am called a great warrior. Where did he come from? I liked how Applegate didn’t gloss over the darker side of the Andalites and presented the other aliens in a anndalite light. Adam November 19, at 4: They also practice with a kafit bird, which Elfangor also has in his repertoire. Desperate to recover it before it can be sold to the Yeerks, they change course for the Taxxon home world, a favorite buyer for the Skrit Na.

We’ll probably do an official announcement for it a little later in the week. What if someone animorphe with this book, and wanted andslite go to the main ones from it?

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As the chain of command works down, one eventually reaches the basic, personal leadership role: The book by necessity has a lot of defeat in it. Elfangor returns to the Andalite war and after saving a Dome ship from the now Visser Three instead of Thirty Two, he is hailed a hero and thus starts what will be a long and honored career as an Andalite Prince. He happens to know of a world with a bunch of sentient beings who could be great Controllers.

Placing Chapman in the story seemed completely superfluous, as if Applegate just wanted to use as many familiar characters as possible. Jan 12, Amantha rated it liked it.

Feb 01, Reanna Patton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Elfangor and Loren are together for – say – three years before Tobias is conceived. They don’t need to push themselves up when they wake up. He steals a Mustang the car was also scavenged from Earth by the Skrit Naand races back to the space port.

The Andalite Chronicles – Wikipedia

The Time Matrix in this book is said to have been created by the Ellimist, which is odd since the Ellimist himself is capable of manipulating time through his own devices. I figured Andalites would identify with natural environments on Earth. In its departure from Earth for cjronicles of the book, The Andalite Chronicles allows Applegate to expand on themes she wants to make universal.

Be prepared to have your heart take a pummeling. You should all read this one after 13!

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