So, I have always wondered about the Annic Nova from Double Adventures 2. Has anyone ever played through it and fleshed out who the. Has anyone statted up the ANNIC NOVA under our Traveller rules? Just wanting to see if anyone has already done it before I duplicate effort:). Traveller Double Adventure 1: Shadows/Annic Nova is a role-playing game adventure for Traveller published by Game Designers’ Workshop.

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Annic Nova Render 2 | Biomassart

Just wanting to see if anyone has already done it before I duplicate effort. If anything it should be slightly more alien. The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises.

Annic Nova was a very early module that was written as the 3rd Imperium setting was being conceived. Additional details are required to complete the article. Time for recharge varies due to distance from stellar source. Those little touches really add an edge to the scenario. All GT components have had their Fusion slice removed.

Annic Nova : traveller

I always run it with unlit rooms that upon closer inspection are actually lit in infra-red light. This article is missing content for one or more detailed sections.

Aside from giving the characters a free ship it seemed like a weird adventure Advanced electronics Other Staterooms 8 large [40dt] Luxuries [41dt] Workshops x3 [22dt] Hydroponics [12dt] cargo bays forward [70dt] aft [80dt] Repair drones.

One is equipped to carry four passengers for relatively long periods of time; the other can shutle up to 16 passengers or 12 tons of cargo.

Annic Nova was one of the few pre-Imperium adventures and was intentionally left open so it could be plugged into your own setting easier. Tech level Hull Distributed Dt hull TL16 Hull — 24 Structure 12 Armour 6 [30dt] self sealing Drives 2 jump drives pods 1 J2 [27dt]; 1 J3 [36dt]; Accumulators [5dt] Stellar collector [50dt] [Collects power from the stellar gases when deployed, and transfers it to the accumulators which supply’s power to all systems as well as the jump drives and attached pinnaces.


Cargo Totals: TAS released an initial report of an unknown vessel which had been seen, at a great distance, in several star systems. CT designed had reactor fuel. Noga information was sketchy as follows:. They don’t know that yet!

For travel of any great distance, a pinnace must be maneuvered to the aft end of the ship and magnetically moored. Which also had a Ancient’s ruined base on a moon or something. I designed the ship as closely to the published version as possible. This article has Metadata. So a battery-powered starship won’t npva able to jump unless somebody else is supplying it with drop tanks One of the portals opened onto the Annic Nova and the piece of the Rod was built into the Jump Drive system on the engineering deck.

One or both of the Pinnaces may be swivelled, and thrust applied in order to orient the ship. The tech level of the vessel is not known, though a minimum of TL can be guessed at due to the jump capability of one of the two jump drives. Having a Jump drive that is half the size it “should” be and a solid rocket manoeuvre drive always freaks players out.

Views Read Edit View history. This article was copied or excerpted from the following copyrighted sources and used under license from Far Future Enterprises or by permission of the author.

Frontier War, and the J-3 noba be a totally hand-made drive with unusual features — full customizability of all fuel and power flows, meters for weird metrics, etc.

The Energy Bank is a TL16 design which must be an ancient artifact, or something They Accumulators can store enough energy to power each jump drive once, fire each laser nkva, as well as maintain novz life support under normal conditions for 60 days.

The only way to nnova the canopy is by controls on the drive deck or observation dome. Tonnage on the universal ship profile is shown in kilotons thousands of tons where necessary. Trying to remove it risked electrocution of course.


The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons of ten craft carried on the ship. More resources are coming! The ship has two jump drives, Jump-1, and jump-2 respectivelybut may not sum their power.

Control cabin for 2 [4. Aparrently the external grapples will not support the stress. It seems that nnova volume required to power the Annic Nova’s jump drive in this way would leave little room for the ship’s interior as described in the ad- venture, so I doubt that it is possible to create plausible stats with Mon- goose Traveller or almost any other starship design system.

Annic Nova class Far Trader

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. The following three adventures were designed to be used together as a complete adventure arc, although they need not be run in sequence. Submit a new text post. Cant help with the stats though, sorry!

Each holds 12 tons of fuel? Due to the nature of the ship, I deemed cost not to be worth the effort of calculating. This page was last modified on 4 Decemberat TL 16 rechargeable Energy Bank ,MW This assumes a total of ,MW to run the jump drives for 14 days, ,MW to power the lasers for a total of shots each, and ,MW to power other ship functions for 60 days.

Copyright Far Future Enterprises. Two single turrets each mount a single laser cannon. Solar Collector This is a TL10 retractable array, using a 19,sf surface area super-light frame, with advanced materials to support a 9,sf 1km diameter TL8 solar collector.

Jump capacity is rated for dtons.

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