Antic Hay, novel by Aldous Huxley, published in A satire of post-World War I London intellectuals, the work follows Theodore Gumbril, Jr., the protagonist. London life just after World War I, devoid of values and moving headlong into chaos at breakneck speed – Aldous Huxley’s Antic Hay, like Hemingway’s The Sun. ANTIC HAY t. CHAPTER I. Gumdril, Theodore Gumbril Junior, , sat in his oaken stall on the north side of the School Chapel and wondered, as he.

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The ordinary man can’t leave them. His works are notable for their wit and pessimistic satire, though he remains best known for one novel,…. And once for two or three days, out of pity, out of affection, out of a mere desire, perhaps, to lay the tiresome ghost, she had given him what his mournful silence implored —- only to take it back, almost as soon as accorded.

North of Oxford

Having missed his chance of redemption with Emily in Sussex, Gumbril resolves to leave the country in order to promote his pneumatic trousers abroad. E mult mai neinchegata si mai slaba hqy “Orb prin Gaza” si “Punct contrapunct” – carti pe care le mentionez fiindca mi se pare ca multe din ideile din “Dans grotesc” sunt dezvoltate ulterior in astea doua.

However, he did more than most satirists: Aaldous mi se pare vag deranjant la asta e ca toate personajele masculine par a fi cumva la fel – vorbesc la fel, hixley comporta oarecum identic, par a fi aceeasi persoana. There was some colourful anti-elite imagery but overall it didn’t give me the strong Huxley-like imagery that his more well-known works provide. The novel was mentioned briefly in Evelyn Waugh ‘s classic novel Brideshead Revisited Gumbril’s quest for love occasionally makes him resort to utilizing “The Complete Man” which is a disguise he concocts around a false full beard.


Quite a quriky novel. His big scheme for inflatable trousers doesn’t quite succeed either. Pure and unsullied; pure and unmixed, unadulterated.

Antic Hay – Wikipedia

Jun 14, Nicola rated it liked it Shelves: Throughout the novel Gumbril, the central character, struggles angic reconcile the two sides of his personality: I didn’t know what to expect when I picked it up, was rather dreading melodrama and exaggeration ala Evelyn Waugh but did not find it.

Views Read Edit View history. Grafton,p. Antic Hay by Aldous Huxley.

He gets an idea for making money, and quits, The real remedy, it suddenly flashed across his mind, would be trousers with pneumatic seats. You’ll get fresher insights on this particular milieu by reading a couple of Agatha Christie’s mysteries, and I dare say you’ll have more fun doing so as well.

The cock into which Shearwater had engrafted an ovary came out, not knowing whether to crow or cluck. Mrs Viveash who all the men are in love but who does not love them. He takes; and what’s that but slavery? As secondary characters, Bojanus is a simple tailor with many opinions about life: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He was going back the next morning. The erotica takes place between the lines but sometimes a good cover can help. There was a problem with your submission.


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I see his two major literary contributions to be description of character but especially antuc of life including social mores as well as scientific speculation. But “Antic Hay” is a clunky, sorry mess, whose primary virtue is its brevity. From within that chipped gilt frame all the beauty, all the grandeur of religion looked darkly out upon the pink room.

I imagine it would be more enjoyable if I Took a while to read so it seemed to drag a bit. There were a lot of interesting passages in this book and plenty of funny wordplay.

Antic Hay | novel by Huxley |

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Being somebody else’s lover is de rigueur. And, oh, inexpressibly terrifying!

As a preteen, I thought this was what adulthood would be like – frankly, I was disappointed though not sure if I’d be able to keep up with the conversation anyhow.

A Fable “published View all 11 comments.

But it is perhaps too long. I read this book because Lois Gordon’s excellent biography of Nancy Cunard cites it.

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