ARINC REPORT – Page 6 OMS DESCRIPTION OMS Architecture The OMS should consist of the following equipment:?. Buy ARINC DESIGN GUIDANCE FOR ONBOARD MAINTENANCE SYSTEM from SAI Global. Avionics maintenance practices continue to improve through On-Board Maintenance System (OMS) recording. This standard defines the OMS.

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Thus the OMS functional requirements are broken down into the following categories: Value 0 1 2 Meaning Inactive Active Latched s. The format for parameter values should be as follows: An example is described in figure I-5 in Appendix H. Airline data notes are both created and controlled by the airline. Aircraft identification Flight number and city pair or route number Failures should be identified as hard or intermittent. If the destination address is any of the following, the wordstring should be further processed in accordance with section 6.

Ground support equipment GSE may be used as required to accomplish the system test, although the goal should ariinc be to minimize the use of such GSE. The MAT should provide text and graphics for schematics, component location, wiring diagrams, and assembly diagrams as required for OMD.

Event data should not be interpreted but should be in the format of the digital bus. Any reporting LRU should not be required to respond to multiple users at the same time. The CMC will also initiate automatic tests within the member system by means of test request message s to the member system. Flight leg number should be incremented at each flight leg transition unless the flight leg number is While the dispatch deviation guide may be used only infrequently, it is important since it is meant to permit turnaround and dispatch to be accomplished.

The location of the MAT should support airline needs for quick turnaround and extended maintenance. The interlocks will vary by system. The CMC should translate the codes received from the various member systems, consolidate the data, and display clear English messages to the maintenance technician. The member systems should carry the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that they do not enter the return to service test mode even if so commanded by the CMC when airplane conditions do not warrant such a test.


Additional BITE tests at power-up should be used in order to meet integrity requirements when continuous monitoring is not practical.

Each user must be allowed to provide customization features in order to perform individual engineering analysis.

Airportsaviationdefensegovernmenthealthcarenetworkssecurityand transportation.

The full provisions of an ACMS are described in section 8. Normally, this is met by the operational monitoring within the system. It will be the responsibility of the OMS designer to determine the criteria for the transition between flight legs.

Access location using drawings or pictures 3. The CMC should provide an Event command as either a broadcast or an equipment specific signal on the digital bus.

ARINC – Wikipedia

Shop maintenance is the process 6624 restoring and verifying the proper operation of any LRU removed from the airplane. Having diagrams onboard could mean the difference between a delayed flight or a canceled flight, since access to all diagrams is provided at the airplane instead of some other distant site. After selection, the OMS will display test prerequisites and interactive instructions as appropriate.

This will have the effect of reducing time and logistics needs for airplane maintenance. It is expected that accurate fault reporting and isolation via BITE and onboard maintenance procedures will result in a reduction of unnecessary removals.

This will have the effect of reducing time and arrinc needs for airplane maintenance.

Onboard Maintenance Systems Design & Development – Performance

Loading of this memory should be accomplished through a standard software loader or through the OMS control panel keyboard. Other stockholders include a variety of other air transport companies, aircraft manufacturers and foreign flag airlines. The bits should be assigned, starting with the most significant bit MSB as follows: For example, some systems use one byte for the fault code, while others require two. The OMD function should provide data loading, storage and retrieval capabilities allowing for easy access and quick documentation updates.


August aricn, Private: If a response is not received within specific time period, the CMC should transmit the request again. Display of detailed failure data.

Ground-test capability for fault isolation and performance of LRU replacement tests, functional tests, and system tests. The transmission may be initiated manually by the flight crewautomatically by the OMSor at the request of a ground station.

As equipment becomes more reliable and the time between maintenance actions increases, there will be less need for maintenance personnel to check system performance and perform troubleshooting. It is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and termination network connections and routing and relaying transmissions.

Only the LRU that receives the command should transmit initiated test command response messages. Each input signal should have included with it the attributes required by the ACMS and the user-defined application to process aronc signal.

Onboard Maintenance Systems for Modern Aviation

It should be a goal to minimize the need for these special interfaces. If the boolean is false, all eight bits in the octet are set to zero. This condition monitoring permits the planning of timely corrective action, thereby avoiding unscheduled maintenance actions that disrupt airplane service.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Last 4 octets are ISO 5 characters indicating destinationAirport. Components of the set are included in the definition of the named set. Nonetheless, designers should avoid adding complexity for shop maintenance without good economic justifications.

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