I’m not sure where I thought I was going to find rules for them (I believe they may have been published in the old Inquisitor magazine that GW. Hi John,. I have been more than just a bit busy over the last few months. Inq 18 will be out in February. Tim. — Tim DuPertuis ARMORCAST and. Armorcast acts like it doesn’t even want to remember this magazine. Come on Timmy This being the EARLIEST Archive entry for Inquisitor.

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Views Read View source View history. Not quite as amazing as last issue but. Then we get the three big guys! Monolith Ork Gargant version 3. A company out of East Lyme CT.

In fact my second game of 40K was against an Eldar player with that Falcon which was thankfully replaced in look by Games Workshop’s now iconic plastic kit. Fan Magazines Part 3: We have modern 6th edition 40K with Apocalypse 2nd edition for that.

The days where Inquieitor 40, began its rise to the top of the minis wargaming pile in spite of being ar,orcast without any real regard to balance or tournament play.

Resin Vehicles & Titans – CcmWiki

Actual Epicast Unreleased Eldar Doomweaver. The Exocrine isn’t too bad. Has anyone ever used it? A blog about tabletop hobby and magazinr strategy games, with a side order of electronic turn based goodness here and there.

  ASME PTC 19.3 TW 2010 PDF

So yay I guess? Such an excellent “Machine Sheet” game deserves equally quality miniatures don’t you think? Look at their prices for resin kits. Fan Magazines Part 5: The BS is back now but it is Forge World and looks a bit dumb: Join us next time for the final issue of Inquisitor. That review might not go up for another week or two as I both need to read said issue, then do some research. Two of these guys are available in normal 40K games now as a 73 Dollar dual build kit.

The first big article of this issue has Tim D. Now with tons of retro gaming content both electronic and tabletop. Inquisitoe this magazine is supposed to be. Hey We Have Achievements Now. Let’s get going before my attention span moves on to some other armorcash of shiny, shall we? The left side is the same model in the blister.

So what did I think about my first issue of Inquisitor? Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. And not really use normal 40K figures much if at all in your game. Now I love the 2nd ed era metal Speeders in spite of them being a big pain to assemble. Well this IS Imperial Guard. There are many grammatical, spelling, or text formatting issues in this issue.

Back cover has six conventions listed including one Armorcast will be at. I wouldn’t mind getting them all.

Plus gives 3rd-now era players a fair set of rules to use them in early era games! It takes advantage of the Chaos Codex for their current vehicle rules and makes a armircast little infantry support unit.


Monolith Ork Gobsmasha version 3. They finish up with rules for the original ugly old lead Land Speeders with their open everything.

Resin Vehicles & Titans

Which I am already working on to some degree. Not official but their intent. And an example of the record sheets. Or again, let me go through and scan issues and share them.

Armorcast Inquisitor Magazine Pdf

This conversion kit was produced and sold, with the permission of Games Workshop, before Armorcast was formed in June Home Back to Results. In general modern White Dwarf is merely really lovely pictures of GW minis painted beyond most people’s abilities. Come on Timmy Dee! A LOT of the entries have an “Unknown” in them someplace.

Next time we hit the final full 2nd edition 40K issue of Inquisitor and the second to last issue period! You basically pay money to be advertised to, and once in a while you get a rules preview or something.

Fromafter market heads for the Armorcast Reaver Titan started to appear on ebay from sellers “chrono38” and “westland48”. Maybe they took their orders from their corporate overlords, but they brought the suck to us. This issue opens with Tim D.

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