AS 1— Australian Standard ® Formwork for concrete. Part 1: Documentation and surface finish. A S 3 6 1 0. 1 — 2 0 1 0. A c c e s s e d b y. C U R T. Formwork includes the forms on or within which the concrete is poured and the frames .. Formwork should comply with AS Formwork. This paper discusses the relevance of a revised draft of Australian Standard AS Formwork for Concrete to the New Zealand situation. Although.

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No part of this wor k may be rep roduced or c opied in an y form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of the publisher. Details of any inserts, waterstops, specially formed shapes or penetrations to be constructed, the location and details of which are critical to the serviceability of the permanent structure.

Timber Unless the stress grading of the timber is clearly marked on the members, no assumptions shall be made in respect of grading.

Concrete shall be placed and compacted in a manner that ensures that specified quality of surface finish can be achieved.

The engineer shall certify that the following has occurred: The Table is intended to cover most load combinations. Matters not covered by statutory requirements shall comply with ASwhere appropriate. Details of any special-class concrete required under Clause 3.

Where strain movement of the concrete is possible, deviations shall be measured prior to removal of any forms or supports or application of prestress or post-tensioning. For more information phone 65 46 46 or visit us at www. Node point connection End to end bearing surfaces Eccentricity of loading Section Component 1 Tube and coupler Free from splits, cracks, visible tube deformations, rust and dents see Notes 3 and 4 Centrelines of tubes at node points to be as close as possible Horizontal and never more displacement not to than mm exceed 40 mm.


Standards Catalogue

Design by testing is considered separately, the requirements being set out in Appendix A. Where colour control is incorporated this shall be denoted by the suffix C following the surface finish class number see Note formqork.

Where the formwork assembly is subject to unusual loads. Form-face deflection At least 10 readings shall be taken at regular intervals but not closer than mm. BS To Be Specified—these are mandatory project documentation requirements for all work where the particular class has been specified. AS Supplement 2 provides a commentary on this Standard.

Keeping Standards up-to-date Standards are living documents which reflect progress in science, technology and systems. They shall not be used as an evaluation of the absolute position of the element see AS A statement that the formwork depicted in the document complies with this Standard.

Alternatively, where destructive tests have been previously carried out on formwork components or assemblies of the same type in numbers adequate to enable calculation of the coefficient of variation in accordance with Paragraph A4. Where the shape of a precast unit is such that there is conflict between the abovementioned Clauses and those indicated in Item b below, Item b shall take precedence. Storage, distribution or use on network prohibited.

Specific requirements are included for— a ae c d e acceptance criteria for formwork assemblies and components; fabrication, erection and stripping of the formwork assembly; multistorey structures; evaluation of completed surface quality and alignment; and repairs.


The test load for these further tests shall be the same as that used for the formdork that failed. The sequence for checking the above tolerance Clauses is defined in Clause 5. Size px x x x x Doka Formwork Doka Formwork. For components the requirements of Clause 4.

Where the lowest set of supports is seated on a suspended floor structure the minimum loads on the formwork shall be not less than 2. Only if both additional units satisfactorily sustain formworm test load shall all remaining units be formwirk to be satisfactory. The appropriate test results may be used as follows: Regular inspections of the formwork assembly shall be carried out during Stage I, and continuous observation shall take place during Stage II.

As Formwork for Concrete – PDF Free Download

Previous editi on AS — Location of any mandatory joints and any special procedures for locating other joints. The values for eccentricity for struts in each direction shall be not less than the values given below, as appropriate: It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased.

Undisturbed support—compression member which, as part of a soffit formwork, remains undisturbed in place until the permanent structure is strong enough to support itself even though the forms have been removed earlier.

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