Version 4. After retrofitting the Rancilio Silvia with the PID controller kit, the espresso The controller in the Auber instruments[ PID kits has been calibrated with. Rancilio Silvia with Auber PID Perhaps more than any other home espresso machine, the Rancilio Silvia has a devoted, storied following. Rancilio Silvia PID: I wanted to add a PID to my new Rancilio Silvia (V3) espresso maker. After doing a bit of research, I settled on the Auber Instruments Model.

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It not only offers better performance but also saves you time and money. You have the basic idea correct, start a bit before the thermostat turns off the sllvia so that the heater stays on during steaming.

I am getting better at my dosing and tamping etc and am now looking at installing a PID. The 2 models I am looking at are from Auber Instruments. With a custom made enclosure, the controller can be mounted between the group head and steam wand without interfering with their function. Is there a clearance issue? This kit fits all Silvia models, including the model made after Continue steaming milk, heater will stay on but temp will only go up a bit to C but will not go to the C cut-off.

The dealer where I bought it doesn’t have the part so they are just giving me a new machine. PID really helps on the brewing side silviw lot. An alternate location would certainly work. Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

This feature allows you to operate the brew pump manually, with the timer as a reference. No need for special tools. Please specify if you want it set differently. This reduces the project time from days or even weeks considering ordering these parts separately to less than an hour. All the cables in the kit have higher temperature endurances than the original cables used by the manufacturer. That is what I was thinking too – in that the steam function isn’t necessary.


Illuminated Pushbutton Switch, 2 NO, 22mm. Estimated installation time is around minutes. Let temp silfia to C then open wand.

I guess what putting the PID on the steam side would do is you wouldn’t have to pay as much attention after you turn on the steam switch to catch the sweet spot the PID would hold it for you.

I would then know when to start my steam by just beginning a few degrees before the light is set to go off.

Users can also bypass the timer to use the switch on the machine for manual control of the brewing process.

The instructions with the kit are great, I had no problems at all. This controller is one of the most compact on the market. The only post I found on another forum seemed to indicate that the steam control isn’t a separate PID control not really sure what is meant by that.

PID Retrofit KIT for Rancilio Silvia w/ pre-infusion

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 12 October, The steam temperature control allows the boiler temperature to be held at tighter range during frothing. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this. All units shipped outside US will be set for Celsius temperature unit.

Compared to buying the controller and components separately, this kit is a great value. Home Forum Log In. BTW, I really like the kit. Home Forum Log In. Purge wand of water at C 3. Please specify if you want it set differently.

Basic pd of electronics wiring and safety. Small Box forand The PID controller in this kit is sulvia modified for home espresso brewing applications.


In terms of determining the right temp to begin your steam did you simply monitor it once through to see what temp the boiler switched off and then begin a few degrees prior to that point? This kit will take roughly more minutes to install because of the silviz steps required for steam control function. Customers who bought this product also purchased All units shipped outside US will be set for Celsius temperature unit.

Mine will keep the heater on as long as I start steaming before it gets in the s. By accessing this site, you agree to the site’s terms of service. All troll-like comments are my way of discussing”. Screw driver, pliers, a socket wrench and small amount of alcohol. This PID technique makes perfect microfoam with good high pressure and even more importantly, at a constant pressure so you can accurately control the stretching and rolling phases.

Rancilio Silvia & Auber PID – Steam Control or No?

Silviaa extraction timer contains three segments: The single hole tip, boiler size and heating element are all perfectly balanced on the Silvia. Two additional parameters are included to balance the requirements of cold start speed, shot recovery speed and long term stability.

Solid state relay with mounting hardware and heat conductive paste. Free FedEx 2day Shipping! This will prevent the potential electrical shock resulting from PVC insulated wires touching the boiler during operation. Turn on steam 2.

They mention a range I don’t recall the exact numbers as it will be slighly different from machine to machine.

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