Reviewer: Joël Chevassus Financial Interests: click here. Source: Esoteric K, Apple iMac Lion OSX, Squeezebox Touch + Welborne Labs PSU, Audio GD Ref . Aurender S10 Reviewers’ Choice If you aren’t familiar with the SoundStage! Network’s The World’s Best Audio System events, each is an. The Aurender S10 is a Linux based digital transport from Widealab Inc of Korea, in essence it’s a computer that is dedicated to delivering a PCM bitstream.

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WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Server

This oven-control is not for baking rather it is designed to keep these time-keeping crystals aurendwr a constant temperature ” I would never have complained about the sound from the CD-R. Moreover, desirable though it may be, an iPad is an expensive remote controller.

I used the S10 for a number of weeks and never ran into any issues with the app. So maybe the question of whether or not hi-rez recordings sound better needs further exploration. The two areas that immediately stood out when listening to music stored on the S10 were bass response and clarity. The big question strikes me as simply being—does the S10’s sonic performance warrant its admittedly hefty price z10

One concern that was voiced is that you might get stuck with a akrender of hardware that ages quickly and therefore loses value. As Chris Connacker put it in the Computer Audiophile web pages, “the speed of computer-based hifi component evolution is inversely proportional to the auremder between consumer component purchases”.


Around back are all of your inputs and outputs along with the IEC power receptacle. I did encounter two instances where a song skipped but restarting the app and the song solved this problem.

AirPlay, like Bluetooth, is a very normal-people-friendly option and I’m happy to see it included on the Aurender.

Aurender S10 Music Playback and Storage Solution | AudioStream

The Christmas Music Mix. The playlist software is not as straightforward as iTunes for instance but few things are and I aurendre that with practice using it would become second nature. The S10 looks right at home in a half-million-dollar system. In addition, all devices should be turned off, before connecting any audio or digital cables.

Is this true in your opinion? John Howe’s Audiojumble Website.

Optical Output To connect to an optical input. Reel-to-Reel Recorders — Is there a Resurgence?

Aurender S10 (£4995)

The same files were installed on the Aurender S I would classify the Aurender S10 as being exceedingly well made with quality that reflects its price, the S10s top plate weighing more than some components. You can also load music onto a USB flash drive and when you plug it into the S10’s rear mounted USB input, the S10 will automatically copy ss10 contents and you’ll see a related note on the front display.


The difference in detail density was enormous and most of this was low level information, it is more dynamic, has more precise imaging and better timing largely as a result of the lack of noise in the system. Flashing will stop when the unit is off.

Beyond what the future may hold, the Aurender remains ensconced on the racks of many a trade-show exhibit and thus seems accorded the role of most desirable high-end digital source going.

By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Attention to fine details has paid dividends.

Aurender S10 (£) – Network audio players/servers

Two years parts and labor nontransferable. Five months later, Chris Connaker of computeraudiophile. In short, the Auraliti does nothing but play music files.

Aurender N10 preview and a lack of subtlety. Yes, you read that correctly. Sonics, however, were more difficult to pin down. Press to cycle through 4 display options:

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