New York Times: Babel No More is “gripping,” “entertaining,” “informative”. Here’s the review from the Times. (Graphic by Ian Adelman). Babel No More by Michael Erard is described on the front cover as “the search for the world’s most extraordinary language learners.” The book. Among the most surprising qualities of “Babel No More,” Michael Erard’s globe- trekking adventure in search of the world’s virtuosos of.

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A simple diagram would have sufficed, instead of an entire page of directions involving globes, continents, countries, axises, and fingers?

My japanese was good but its no longer useful in my life. The tribe of those claiming extraordinary linguistic capacities is rife with impostors and self-promoters.

Oh man, and the brain as a globe was just annoying, as is the analogy of hyperpolyglots as Peter Pan or near-extinct African animals. Is the ability to learn a language more hereditary or is it driven by motivation?

UT Blogs Log in. Sometimes I take a week off and call my everyday activites “studying” because I reason that speaking and listening to Dutch is a type of study or listening to KPOP all day is increasing my understanding of the phonemes, correct pronunciation, stress patterns etc. The author’s research is a compilation of internet surveys which would have little merit if there were to be a peer review. Books by Michael Erard. Not only that–in English she denied that she heard voices at all, whereas in Italian, she readily admitted hearing them.

The final conclu I have mixed feelings about this book. It spoke to me and I knew not everyone liked it but I read books like Eat Pray Love where Liz talks about how she loves the taste of Italian words in her mouth.

Rather, their accomplishments serve as a point of reference for the rest of us–in some ways they are what the author calls a gifted neural tribe, absorbing language for reasons, and with methods, that few people would emulate. Had a brush with gaelic and Dutch where I learned some basic phrases and pronunciation but put them back down, having dismissed them as not useful. Then, inI received the Dobie Paisano Writing Fellowship, a gift that provided what every writer needs: Best regards, Jacquelyn Kaufmann Poarch.


They In the tradition of the bestsellers Word Freak and The Language Instinct comes a fascinating exploration of linguistic superlearners whose abilities shed light on the intellectual potential in us all.

Maria Popova of Brainpickings says But as a work of research on a complex social and linguistic phenomenon, this book is quite an accomplishment. Some people court languages by taking classes but never learning anything. El autor visita Bologna, Italia. And yet, these individuals have remained hidden from the world. My everyday life and routine includes foreign languages so its hard NOT to pick them up Acknowledging the difficulties inherent in judging such concepts as “fluency” or “mastery” particularly in the case of historical figuresErard adopts a working definition of a “hyperpolyglot” as someone who exhibits mastery of at least six distinct languages.

Oct 08, ABC rated it really liked it. At this point, the book has earned 5 stars from me. And after he died, people all over Europe vied for his skull.

Babel No More: The Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Language Learners

Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x 30mm This guy is definitely a positivist. It just gave two away by the end is all. Probably the biggest impact came late in eard school, inwhen I realized that I would be happier as a writer, not as an erare. These are just a few of the questions alumnus Michael Erard M. How did it shape me? Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I guess my brain is just not engineered to help make me a hyperpolyglot.

Oct 06, Simona rated it liked it. I want to learn a bit of French and German to be useful in translating since the countries are closeby. Erard writes on pp. Up until I read this book, I considered language learning a fun hobby that I picked up and put down because I’ve never put that much “effort” into it. May 03, Olgalijo rated it liked it Shelves: Not because I wanted to become fluent in Irish but because I wanted to have a feel for the sounds and understand how their grammar system works New Scientist, January 11, PraiseReviews.

I want an actual connection to the languages Ispeak and I want to learn languages to speak and use them. Taken together, their pursuits present a natural experiment into the limits and the nature of memory and language.


Babel No More Video! Except for a few parts of the book I think Michael Erard has done a more than adequate amount of research – travelling the world to meet hyperpolyglots, working his way through items belonging to Mezzofanti in an Italian library, setting up an internet survery for hyperpolyglots and getting a decent sample size, interviewing various experts in the related academic fields note, importantly there is no real academic research done of hyperpolyglottery, only really on bilingualism and trilingualism Yes there can always have been more research, in particular more quantitative research The author again is very aware of the need for thisbut for the first of it’s kind I think the author should be applauded.

Some people date languages for a long time but eventually break up with them. I told myself in HS that I was the opposite of autistic because I was messy and I loved art and I had a lot of feelings all the time about everything. To get the benefit, you actually have to chew gum as you are studying; for some reason you can’t merely move your jaw up and down. But what I’ve come to realize is that I enjoy having a home.

A Q&A with Michael Erard, Author of “Babel No More” | [email protected]

Overall, I loved getting a picture babe the lives of people I admire in that I would love to be like them, able to speak lots of languages.

In order to answer his questions on the nk of polyglots, he has to borrow something from different traditions of research. If you are looking for definitive information, you won’t find it here. Feb 21, Christian Allen rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I live my life in English and Dutch. But they are also marked by simple, if dogged, methods:

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