The construction of Baglihar dam will not only deprive Pakistan of , acre feet of water during the three months of Rabi season and will. Find information about Baglihar Dam including location, Type, Operated by, Lat / Long, Capacity, Purpose, Height, Length, and Type of Spillway Gates etc. The man fighting for families displaced by the Baglihar Dam. Ever since Pul Doda was submerged by waters from the Chenab river.

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The command-area so created of about M ha was the largest such irrigated tract in the world and turned the Indian province of Punjab literal meaning Five Waters and its contiguous areas from a dak arid zone into a prosperous agrarian state that grew both food grains and cash crops. In the meantime, in mid, an important step was taken by India with the signing of agreement to construct the project.

Following this episode, efforts were made by the governments of the two countries to come to some mutual agreement for sustainable water sharing arrangements but to no avail. However he rejected Pakistani objections on height and gated control of spillway declaring these conformed to engineering norms of the day. Nearby Hotels See all 15 nearby hotels.

Has subobject This property is a special property in this wiki. The country has over 60, MW hydroelectric power generation capacity which can produce electricity at a fraction of the cost of generation of power from fossil fuels.

Updated December 30, Pressure on the press A government-controlled body to run the affairs of newspapers is not in sync with the modern concepts of rule. To sum up, therefore, the entire thrust of the Indus Waters Treaty is for India and Pakistan to themselves resolve any differences over the use of those waters in a spirit of mutual goodwill and accommodation. Diplomatic efforts resulted in raising the level of the dialogue at the level of Secretaries of the two Governments dealing with water.

The essence of the objections was that the project, as designed, would enable India to acquire potential to store excessive water and capability of greater control on waters of Chenab River than permissible according to the design criteria given in the Treaty.

To add to this, dsm elections are due to be held in Pakistan any time over the next twelve months. However, damm the construction started and the matters were taken up at the Secretary Level, it attracted great attention from the media. After the British had colonised India in the 19th century, they built a large network of dams, barrages and canals, over eight decades, utilizing the Indus river system. Naik, a school dropout, is a slightly-built man. Many shopkeepers and households moved in with their relatives and others lived in rented apartments while they waited for government compensation, which was disproportionate to their loss in the end.


India denies this based on its own calculations. Availing this provision, India established several run-of-the-river projects, with Pakistan objecting to these. In India, the public view on Baglihar issue is related to the perceived intransigence of its neighbour generally in settling most issues between the two countries without seeking third-party intervention.

Fall out of Baglihar Dam – Newspaper –

The Treaty also envisaged that if either Party plans to construct any engineering work which would cause interference with the waters of any of the Rivers then it will cam the other party giving it due chance to evaluate impacts. His decision is expected in early-November.

The process of evolution of the Treaty entailed initial attempts to harness the potential of Indus Basin through mutual cooperation for managing the shared water resources, but the only feasible settlement was found to be division of waters. What would happen if Lafitte’s decision, even though clear-cut, were found not acceptable by one of the two Parties for extraneous reasons?

In its press release relating to the appointment of the Neutral Expert in the Baglihar case, the World Bank reiterated that its ‘remaining responsibilities’ under the Treaty were only three:. Address, Baglihar Dam Reviews: But India started construction of dams on river Chenab in violation of the treaty and has already constructed the Wuller and Salal barrages on this river. These were raised more vehemently subsequent to the construction contract being signed in Pakistan must own the FATF project.

In respect of new RoR projects by India on Western Rivers, it dan that India shall provide prescribed information six months in advance of the beginning baglihag construction of river works connected with the Plant and Pakistan was allowed three months, from the receipt of information, to communicate objections, if any. Without prejudice to the finality of the Neutral Expert’s decision, if any question including a claim to financial compensation which is not within the competence of a Neutral Expert should arise out his decision, that question shall if it cannot be resolved by agreement, be settled in accordance with the provisions of Article IX 34 and 5.


The countries have fought three major wars besides many border skirmishes. These were discussed in yet another round of meetings, both at technical and official levels.

Pakistan was aggrieved that the N. The report allowed pondage of Fortunately, it was possible to exclusively allocate three rivers, each, to divide the water between the two countries to overcome the impasse. The major bone of contention between the two countries is the issue of the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, part of which is occupied by India and the rest is the Bagliuar Azad Kashmir– an autonomous administrative bahlihar of Pakistan.

Pakistan had also wanted India to stop further construction on Baglihar project until their differences were finally settled. The Indian Sub-Continent was partitioned in two independent countries, Pakistan and India in August ending the British colonial rule. Commonsense and interpretation in a spirit of good faith would have bagilhar that the whole purpose of the provision was to settle disputes before bagligar of projects.

Retrieved from ” abglihar How to get a pass to see the dam?? That could happen if he were asked by the Indus Commission to do so, and the provision appears generally to relate to a situation where his decision may contain any ambiguity or technicality. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Live storage capacity of 15Mm3 Gross head: Discussions over the last ten years or so between the two sides over Baglihar have led to a crystallisation of their differences.

Baglihar Dam, Patnitop: Address, Baglihar Dam Reviews: 4.5/5

Similar was the tenor of follow up by media after the decision of the CoA who overturned Neutral Experts interpretation of the Treaty e. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for families with kids?

February Learn how baglihae when to remove this template message. Now it is to be seen whether India complies to this decision in future plants on Western Rivers. Pakistan also objected to the location of power tunnels and the sluice spillway, which allowed India capability to exercise control over waters of River Chenab.

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