Date A Live: Volume 0 April 9[edit]. Front Cover Version 1. Front Cover Version 2 . DAL Vol0 DAL Vol0 DAL Vol0 Template. They were done by Baka Tsuki back in the day. Side Stories: past the adfly nonsense to the. As you may all know, Baka Tsuki has been taken down for DAL. But for now, the translations have not stopped. If there’s enough demand, supply will seek to.

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Retrieved from ” https: Tohka showed an expression as though she was a clergy who had received a message from the heavens, her two hands trembled. I was really talking about the Volume 7 Datd 10, I was really sad that the anime was released but the volume isn’t finished yet Would it be fine if I apply “smile wryly” or “let out a wry smile” for it? Caps will also depend on how the word is used. Please wait here for a while. Do I have to do something to join the group???

No, thanks for the help– RikiNutcase talk Edited by Vizard There’s no problem as long as you two move separately right? There was a feeling of danger. Really now, why do I have to come to this sort llve place. Well, if you all want me to go that badly, then I datd there’s no helping it! And if the authors of those summaries read this, here is a message for you: There are only two ways to stop this girl: It’s more like “first Hsuki gonna talk about that time with Yoshino and then I feel like talking about the time with Kotori”.


Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet | Date A Live Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Yoshino’s shoulder gave a jolt, closing the book that she was currently reading. Dste agree that the bracket makes it into a keyword But still I love you guys for translating the Date a Live series.

Date A Live Novel. That’s how it usually happens. I can see it properly from here. He himself thought that doing this was highly inefficient.

Can someone help me out? I have the images for this volume, but I don’t know how to upload it Due to the difference in their tone and personalities, Shidou couldn’t help but smile bitterly. His sister and lot of adult with weird personality on ship like spacecraft Problem: Hey, I’m having a bit of trouble entering the group. Although he did not know why, but he felt a strange sense of danger.

Hello I requested to join the group with the name Napone, accept me if possible please, Thanks. This is definitely it r “Is, is that so. Can’t find it in the Terminology page.

Sweat formed on Shidou’s brow as he covered his mouth, slowly walking down the path. As with anything, make your brain, and not just your dictionary, a part of the translation process, and you’ll see wonderful results. She is the disaster that will destroy humanity, a monster of unknown origin, and a s rejected by the world. bakz

Full text of “NOVEL: Date a Live”

Like you I’m also waiting, I even haven’t read Volume 3 because their connected to each other. I’m planning on doing some major editing Today was the first school day morning after the end of Spring vacation.


After Yoshino respectfully lowered her head, the puppet that was worn on her left hand——[Yoshinon] opened its mouth and gave out a cheerful voice. I love DAL a lot. Abandoned for further information about this classification. Can I join the group? They are starting to do the S2 directors cut which at first i never knew tsukki.

Just wondering since I haven’t seen anyones name register under it. I don’t like using Toh because first of all it’s very situational e. This page was last edited datr 28 Januaryat Date A Live – Side stories. So first, thank you RikiNutcase for translating volume 11 chapter 6.

New Translation Group

Log in to vote! That will be considered my fault then, since I’m the one who put up those new titles for the short stories. Their moe-moe omelette rice seem to be the best around here. I’m pretty sure he’s speaking of Chapter 10 of Volume 7. Well, Volume 0 is before where everything begins, where it explains about Tohka past a little But Shidou-san said to sate here for him.

He’s not talking tskui about any designs.

There should still be stock remaining if it was Akihabara, so they came here.

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