It is AD. Humanity has made it to the stars. Fassin Taak, a Slow Seer at the Court of the Nasqueron Dwellers, will be fortunate if he makes it to the end of. Banks (Look to Windward) pulls out all the stops in this gloriously over-the-top, state-of-the-art space opera, a Hugo nominee in its British. The Algebraist is peak Iain M. Banks. It’s also the only book he ever wrote to be nominated for the Hugo Award, a fact that seems almost.

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But with each day that passes a war draws closer – a war that threatens to overwhelm everything and everyone he’s ever known.

The Algebraist by Iain M.

None of the material is recycled but neither is the context and world wholly new or fresh to Culture fans.

Also problematic is Banks’ generous use of profanity apparently the most prolific weapon years from now will be the F-bomb alyebraist serves no purpose.

Review: The Algebraist by Iain M Banks | Books | The Guardian

Alfebraist 09, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: To this end the Banka seem to offer an alternative, barely registered by anyone algebralst and which might only work on their terms, but it is the closest thing to a harmonious civilization.

Along the way, he gets into a series of scrapes. And if I am going to skim a book, I might as well just go out to Wikipedia and have someone else tell me in a thousand words or less what it is all about which I am not going to do – that’s is not why I read. Banks also liked to play around with the narrative timeline with sudden switches into flashback without any warning, Zlgebraist guess he just liked to keep his readers on their toes.

Bankw human Deep-delver is sent to Nasqueron to find an ancient Dweller document, written in alien algebra and revealing a Deep, Dark Dweller Secret. Tom Clancy does it a lot, Iain, don’t be like Tom Clancy. I have to confess to having a soft spot for absurdist, relaxed aliens who have a society based on the accumulation of “kudos” but happen to be lying on a cache of hyper-advanced weaponry should a threat come calling.


There is another Scottish writer named Iain Banks, also author of half a dozen nove The following review ran in the Peterborough Examiner in December, See how complicated this is getting already? Let me start by saying Banks is a master author.

The plot grips the reader in the opening and moves at a steady, entertaining clip. After his first three mainstream novels his publishers agreed to publish his first SF novel, Consider Phlebas. This could very easily have been tinkered with and adjusted to fit in the Culture universe, and a lot of the themes here have been featured there view spoiler [ A heavy dose of Look algbraist Windward, a sprinkling of Excession, a dash of Player of Games, a garnish of Use of Weapons hide spoiler ].

By contrast The Algebraist is great reading but it isn’t a great novel. One thing I appreciate about Banks’ style is his lack of apology for certain conventions owing to his expository writing methods. In the book’s favor, the writing is intelligent and challenging, and Banks’ imagination is absolutely stunning. Here Banks needed to ask himself, “why?

The worldbuilding is not as complex or complete but they build on and support one another in interesting and unusual ways. View all 17 comments. Come to think of it, anyone would kill to get the information, or to keep it hidden, which makes Fassin’s search quite difficult.

The time of year and writing style banka to the slowness of my read. Much algwbraist this is down to great characters and witty dialogue. Nanks, plus bnks in amazing fantastical settings futuristic, of algebtaist with round and complex characters with distinct voices, the novel was thoroughly entertaining.

Same with some of bankd more interesting characters the central villain, Luseferous, enters as one of the most interesting and disturbing characters I’ve run into; then disappears for most of the book, only to return in virtually cartoon form The story is drawn out and complex and I don’t remember enough detail to accurately describe it here. In the meantime, they are dismissed as decadents living in a state of highly developed barbarism, hoarding data without order, hunting their own young and fighting pointless formal wars.


It is AD. And a lot of it goes wrong. Agony Column Review Archive. It makes me sad that our genre has lost another great writer.

The Algebraist

Unfortunately, the monstrous ruler of a nearby star system has also learned of this discovery, as has the Mercatoria itself. The Algebraist is my first get together with Iain M. Jan 02, Sandi rated it liked it Recommended to Sandi by: I suppose that everyone has gaps in their reading, authors they’d love to have read but have not yet got round to.

I’m not as convinced that The Algebraist is satisfactory in either regard, but let’s give it the benefit of a doubt. It also includes a big emphasis on science and technology and a sense of humor.

So the two main plots become disconnected, and neither are very satisfying on their own. View Full Version of PW.

I quite like the subplot about a woman out to avenge the death of her friend but it flits in and out of the narrative and does not seem well integrated into the main story.

They make a joke. This book was a book of the month last year for a reading group I belong to. The action is wild, non-stop, unpredictable, and even humorous with strange landscapes which range from one end of the galaxy to the other.

It is not exactly technobabble either. There were just algebraisst few scenes of utter gruesomeness, and a better writer would have known how to imply in lieu of supplying gruesome detail.

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