Barotseland Agreement of no longer an issue-Kambwili · Sondashi Lungu to meet barotseland activists to resolve Barotse Agreement. The Barotseland Agreement of recognised the Litunga of Barotseland ( Bulozi) for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement for over four decades. This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, between KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the.

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The BA is an outdated concept that favoured the Litunga and at the expense of other non Lozi natives in Western Province. If you sign an agreement then after a few years want to opt out you have to follow the agreed terms of exit.

I went at length of explaining this background in order to show that the Barotse governance system is a well-established one that has evolved over centuries and that it is a people based system, not an individual. Sata is a man of his wordshe would have stayed with the contents of the agreement and not otherwise. After the discovery of diamonds, King Lewanika began trading with Europe.

This will mean that all the powers given the Litunga in this agreement we just read will be null and void. It is time for change. Lozis are too intelligent to be used by opportunistic politicians. Signed by the Right Honourable Duncan Sandys in the presence of: Sebente, you dont have eyes.

Why Barotseland Agreement should not be restored

Reply Kaela Mulenga says: For the sake of peace and tranquility of africans, its high time you look for a leader from your area to lead Zambia. Paul Masiye jointly acting together with unknown people conspired to secede “Western Province” Barotseland from the rest of Zambia. In JanuaryThe president of Zambia, Mr. Ini kuzize kono inkanga naha yaka.

And where as it is the wish of the government of northern Rhodesia and of the Litunga of Barotseland,his council and the avreement and people of Barotseland that northern Rhodesia should proceed to independence as one country and that all its peoples should be one nation: The form of governance espoused in the Barotse Agreement that protects and entrenches sectional interests is undemocratic and does not promote key governance principles including accountability, democracy, equality, inclusiveness, transparency and rule of law.


University Press of America. Jan 3, at On 26 Januarythe Mwembeshi magistrate court ruled that their case be committed to Kabwe High court for commencement of trial, the prisoners having been in maximum incarceration since 5 December This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

They governement should translate every bbarotse of national importance to the 73 tongues of my gorgeous people so agrement scandalous lazy and fraudulent minds are steam rolled over; allowing all peace loving Zambian citizens to exist in total bliss.

The BA cannot be a basis for what is happening in Western province.

UNPO: Barotseland: Reflections on Independence Talks and Need for New Generations to Speak Up

Skip to main content. Even if given independence, the Barotseland can not stand on its two legs unless one of the legs could be placed over the boarder with the Savimbi ruminants. Kaunda, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia…. Tell us the truth as to why you are making noise and forming all those clandestine groups. I can see provisions where it was to be signed but no signature.

Our people need to be heard but not to separate. But this so called BRE is very weak.

Full Barotseland agreement of 1964

The party raised the aagreement flag of the king, with Msidi being shot in a scuffle. Barotse Army — welcome back! Nowander, development will owez elude you inluding your chiefdom. To give you but just a glimpse, it was in full realisation that Zambia was formed by two separate entities that he wanted, out of his selfishness, to unite without adhering to the signed agreements. The problem with most of agredment nkoyas, especially this historian, is that they dont want to think between the lines.

It is the wish of the government of northern Rhodesia and of The Litunga of Barotseland to enter into arrangements concerning the position of Barotseland as part of the republic of Zambia to the place of the treaties and other agreements hitherto subsisting between Her Majesty the Queen and The Litunga of Barotseland: Provided that nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as limiting the jurisdiction and powers of the High Court of the Republic of Zambia in relation to writs or orders agreemnet the kind at present known as prerogative of writs or orders.


Furthermore, being one of the only four surviving members of the last legitimately constituted and duly installed Katengo Legislative Bsrotse and government, and most probably the last surviving member of its cabinet, I can challenge the people of Barotseland at every level and strata of society to rise and take up the power that has always been theirs – their RIGHT to self-determination. A desire to secede was expressed from agreemrnt to time, causing some friction with the government of Kenneth Kaundareflected in Kaunda changing the name from Barotseland Province to Western Province, and subsequently tearing up the Agreement.

Please baortse not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. Why not in a province which was indipendant? He said the late Mr Natala of a strong character, a unifier and a magnanimous person 19664 be missed not only by his family but Zambians at large. Rather than the ridicule the Batroseland Agreement has has continued to receive since independenceinthe Batroseland Agreement provides a wonderfrul opportunities for devolution of power to the provinces in the currentconstitutional making process.

Xolani from RSA says: In Lewanika permitted the establishment of a mission and school. Both are allegedly directly descended from the ancient Litunga Harotse who ruled at the turn of the nineteenth century and through his grandson, Litunga Lewanika who ruled from —, with one agreemment inwho restored the traditions of the Lozi political economy in the arena of the invasion by the Makololointernal competition, external threats such as that posed by the Matabele and the spread of European colonialism.

Jan 8, at 9: The Marotse indunas would collect eland tails, animal skins and hippo meat. This author loves Lusaka, but our people will not eat Lusaka. Likuta ze bizwa Barotse Native Courts. Mr Capitalist put this thing.

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