Reluctant heir of a Mafia boss. Star-crossed lover. Paparazzi darling. Hitman’s target. Anya Balanchine’s amazing story continues in the second part of the. Apr 18, In this sequel to All These Things I’ve Done (), year-old Anya Balanchine, heir apparent to the illegal chocolate trade in New York. “Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in.” —Michael Corleone, The Godfather Since her release from Liberty Children’s Facility, Anya Balanchine is.

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The constant asides Anya makes are nauseating and repetitive, to the point where I found myself skipping them altogether.

Unfortunately, as ever, Anya’s wants are overlooked as she is drawn back into the Balanchine’s world of crime, chocolate and intrigue. Und scheinbar hat sie in Mrs.

Return to Book Page. But for me, this series was never about the logic of outlawing chocolate. This is going to be a long review, so if you want my overall consensus, skip the the very end.

BECAUSE IT IS MY BLOOD by Gabrielle Zevin | Kirkus Reviews

Because there’s blood been anyone else for me but you. This book really intrigued me due to the cover of it actually giving a picture of what the author wants Anya to look like. She tended to be a bit repetitive, as well in her internal monologue.


Do you know how much I love this about her?!

Hinein in eine unglaubliche Welt voller Verbotenem. There are points where I pitied Anya because the majority of her problems were brought upon her and her mistakes were small and human, created with benign intentions. I sh Gabrielle Zevin is master troll. Her trip to learn about cacao was a nice addition.

People die, Anya goes to Mexico, she and Win get back together then breakup then reunite then split up. Instead we get a lesson in growing and harvesting cocao, and a lame explanation that chocolate was expensive and is therefore illegal. Occasionally, there’s a random tidbit that I’m sure was meant to be shocking, but those felt like they were simply stuck in there to be shocking, not to add to the plot.

Anya, who often tries to do the right thing but fails, who genuinely wrestles with huge moral dilemmas, who wonders continually about the role of heredity and upbringing on her own character and on her future, is hardly perfect, but she is believable. Naturally, Anya is hit with more problems with when pictures of her and Win holding hands are leaked to the press. The main problem seems to be how contrived the storyline feels. She lives in Los Angeles. But the story is really about what happens when someone who has always been incredibly strong finds herself in a position where she has to ask for help.

Though she sometimes goes overboard with her protectiveness, it’s still sweet. Win is your typical angsty YA love interest. I am not usually into such kind of stories such as Birthright series, but this one certainly is a good read and interesting. In the YA world, this is especially awesome for me.


But I was still so awfully tired. While in exile as an escapee from Liberty, Anya learns about the growing and production of cacao from this family. As in marriage proposal in a very business manner though but heck, it is still a proposal and Anya rejected because she likes Win. It’s like she read everything I wrote about the first book and deliberately structured this one to mess with me. Although the first book had been far from perfect, it still kept me interested, while this one…not becakse much.

Because It Is My Blood

Bring on book three! Lately, I’ve been growing a little tired of the current young adult books. But with her criminal record attached to her name it is impossible to return to her normal life. Becasue realizes that her continued relationship with Win is on dangerously shaky ground as a result of his father’s campaign to become District Attorney.

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