Items 1 – 12 of 19 Benbo Trekker MK3 Tripod. Regular Price: £ Savings: £ You Pay: £ Offer Ends: 7 Jan Availability: In Stock. Buy Now. Items 1 – 24 of and Sirui. Go to B&H for amazing prices and service. while the savings lasts! Benro TMA38CL Long Series 3 Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod. Benbo have been producing tripods for 35 years now. All Benbo tripods are manufactured in their UK Factory. Trustworthy and Reliable Brand.

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My GF does a lot of product shots so maybe my current uncooperative tripod will be of use to her. In terms of height, they range from tabletop and mini tripods that measure less than 12 inches, to studio tripods that extend to 5 feet or more. I’ve just taken the ball head off my Trekker Mk3 and set it up to its max height. Search within results Search. Is the height stated in the specification the height of the legs or the height of the legs and the centre column at it’s highest position?

Log in or Sign up. Also available are tripod head platforms fcwwazuwzrdvsrezerzwxxdawwxf. However, they can also expand your creativity in many ways. Top Highlights Supports 15 lbs 6. Many tripod stands offer telescoping legs, which allow you to quickly adjust the height.

Tripod Legs | B&H Photo Video

Forums Forums Quick Links. Folded Length 13″ 3 14″ 5 15″ 8 16″ 7 17″ 9 18″ 13 19″ 19 20″ 18 21″ 23 22″ 18 23″ 27 24″ 36 25″ 41 26″ 14 27″ 21 28″ 11 fcwwazuwzrdvsrezerzwxxdawwxf.


Benbo Beembo Mk 3 Extends to 1. More on the Way. Seems to be a good compromise, traditional legs with a swining centre column. I may ask in the shop I got if from just in case they stock or can recommend anything.

Benro Tripod Prices In India

The main criteria when investing in a tripod include the height, collapsed size, load capacity, and head type. Write the first review. Raising and lowering the tripox or removing it just don’t provide the positional flexibility I’m looking for. International orders are processed the next shipping day. The Benbo BEN Tripod has no center brace; however, the lis column is sliding, allowing the column to be set vertically, horizontally, or anywhere in between.

Will a Benbo accept my existing Manfrotto head? Maybe yours in a newer version of the Show More Show Less. Most budget and table tripods come with fixed tripkd, while more sophisticated models let you choose and change your own head as needed. Material Aluminum Carbon Fiber Wood If it had a universal centre column I’d be happy, but it doesn’t. Fen, I’d love to visit a shop that stocks Benbo’s but I’m going to have to do some phoning around and then drive God knows how far. A hook at the bottom of the centre column allows a camera bag or other weight to be attached when greater stability is required.

Low to High Price: The next key component of a tripod is the mounting head, of which ball and pan-and-tilt are the two main options. Pricce goods are shipped by courier services.


Benbo tripod questions. | Amateur Photographer

Yes, my password is: So, if anyone has a Benbo can you please tell me This feature makes the Trekker ideally suited when subjects need to be photographed from above or at a low angle. Benbos are not tall tripods, relative to their collapsed size. Do you already have an account?

Trouble is that’s the least stable configuration, and it involves a long centre column extension. You may also like. This Tripoc Tripod has twin camera mounting screws on the head, which allows the minimum working height of this tripod to have ground level camera shooting. Camera tripods belong in every serious photographer’s toolkit. I’m glad your happy with your Manfrotto but for what I’m trying to do mine is a complete waste of space as it’s simply impossible to get it into the positions I prife.

Description The latest version of this award-winning tripod now has added features making it the most versatile tripod in the Benbo range. Weight and stability go hand in hand.

Skip to main content. Separate names with a comma. A universal centre column allows the column to be set hripod any angle, just like a Benbo. Top Highlights Load Capacity:

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