Hailed upon its publication as “a classic for readers not yet born” (Philadelphia Inquirer), Birdy is an inventive, hypnotic novel about friendship. Summary: Birdy is not a plot-driven book. If you enjoy lots of action, then it’s not for you, but you’ll be missing out. It’s a beautiful book about the. When William Wharton’s first novel, Birdy, was published in , he was already 53 years old, an American expatriate painter living in Paris.

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A boy had very sexual dreams about his pet bird [s] 7 30 Mar 17, While recuperating, he decided to return to France one day as a painter. I say it a lot, I know, but Birdy is a beautiful book, it really is. There was a problem adding your email address. Topics Mentioning This Author.

It’s a beautiful book about the meaning of insanity and about the terrible costs of war.

Together with John Irving and the like. After the war, he studied art at the University of California, Los Angeles, then stayed to do a doctorate in psychology, and for 11 years taught in Los Angeles public schools. Pennsylvania 13 Sep 08, Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Personal tools Log in. When he arrives even Al, well used to Birdy’s strangeness, is shocked at his condition.

Feb 04, Pages Buy.

For Al is afraid for himself too; the war for him was a terrible experience. We are experiencing technical difficulties.


If you have two, you aren’t quite world class but you’re close. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Hirdy provide an email address. And Al, as he talks, searches constantly for a flicker of recognition from his friend, partly desperate to see it, to see the Birdy he once knew and to know him again. And somehow, from Birdy, he found the friendship he needed.

War showed him differently. I don’t have the knowledge of what it is to be insane, or obsessed, or to fight in a war, or even what it is like to want to fly, to be a bird, more than anything. His third, A Midnight Clearwas a Christmas fable about Germans soldiers looking to surrender, trying to make peace with Americans in a deserted chateau during the Battle of the Bulge.

Eventually Birdy does begin to respond.

Birdy is in a secure mental unit in a catatonic state, crouched upon the floor unmoving, unable even to feed himself. War brought a fear to Al that he’d never imagined, and now that war is over he is afraid that he, too, is going insane.

BIRDY by William Wharton | Kirkus Reviews

He became a massively cult author in Poland when I was a so called young adult. It’s a not-particularly-original story of an unlikely friendship between two very different boys, of the way that ‘difference’ and ‘insanity’ are so sadly and inextricably linked in our limited little world, it’s a story of the horror of war and the horror that war can do to a person.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. When William Wharton’s first novel, Birdy, was published inhe was already 53 years old, an American expatriate painter living in Paris. But it was published as the work of William Wharton, the pseudonym combining his own middle and his mother’s maiden names. France 76 Aug 21, On one level, this is a novel about a boy named Birdy, who with his friend Al Ambrogio grows up in a Philadelphia suburb before World War II, and is fascinated by pigeons.

It doesn’t have a complicated plot, and, in the present time at least, not very much happens at all, but it whadton just wilkiam wonderfully executed.

Buy Birdy by William Wharton at Amazon.

William Wharton

If you let this one go by, you will have missed some of the year’s most original and remarkable fiction. He was a boy who hated authority, who had been beaten by his father and thought that he’d been made tough by his experiences.

Birdy is not a plot-driven book. Looking for More Great Reads? While fighting in World War II, they find their dreams become all too real—and their lives are changed forever.

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