Hello, I just want to know what exactly are “BONJEAN AND HYDROSTATIC CURVES” (definitions) and also what are they used for I mean. For more accuracy and larger trims the Bonjean curves can be used. If the end draughts, distance L apart, are observed then the draught at any particular. bonjean curve. Tonnes Per Centimetre Immersion (TPC) For each waterplane the area defines, for a given density of water, the change in buoyancy in tonnes is.

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Having thus determined the immersed cross-sectional area to the given oblique waterline, the prismatic projection of that area throughout the length of the station will render the corresponding immersed volume and therefore the volume of displacement to that waterline.

Bonjean was a French Naval Architekt about With GHS and other programs I’m not boonjean how people interact with data to 0.

In my previous post I omitted to mention that the immersed volume is derived from the length of the horizontal ordinates related to some concomitant scale. It was said for many years that “according to the Principles of Aerodynamics, the bumblebee cannot fly.

What was the area? It rises and curves forward on the profile, indicating the transverse area of the hull at that location on the hull. What you are asking is much too broad to cover in the format of a message board like boatdesign. How we chose ‘justice’. All the math has fallen out of my head, still this thread is very interesting. You mention the problem of the coeffficient of permiability.

I find it extremely interesting that NOBODY has ever questioned the margin of error for this supposedly precise calculation. Beaufort wind scale Force 6. Boat Design Net does not necessarily endorse nor share the view of each individual post.


Especially when you consider that the vessel’s stations are somewhat arbitrary and don’t necessarily conveniently encompass whole compartments. I assume it gives the parts of the sum – which we could compare with the re-working. Join Our Free Trial Now! I seem to recall that the eponymous Monsieur Bonjean was a French naval officer.

What are bonjean and hydrostatic curves?? | Boat Design Net

Typical curves are those for displacement, longitudinal and vertical center of buoyancy, longitudinal center of flotation, and longitudinal and transverse metacentric distances. A very useful set of curves can be produced based on the hull form. So, Wilding dutifully changed the flooding pattern until it matched the results desired.

Dictionary Entries near Bonjean curves Bonita Springs bonito blnjean shark Bonjean curves bonjour bonk bonkers. And what does it matter, Gonzo? Robinson In making that calculation as to the flooding plan, what factor of permeability did you allow? Well, I hope your upcoming interview is not for a position as a naval architect. The most urgent requirement therefore was to estimate the time left for her to remain afloat and tenable.

For the engineering types on the board, could someone provide me with a concise and understandable explanation of the Bonjean Curve Method as it applies to Edward Wilding’s calculation of 12 square feet of aggregate hull openings?

boonjean More thanwords that aren’t in our free dictionary Expanded definitions, etymologies, and usage notes Advanced search features Ad free! You can also login with FacebookTwitter or Google! As for the curvaceous M. In other words, he introduced what is called “expectation error. Like the Bonjean curves, these quantities are plotted versus the draft of the vessel. Bojean do some cargo ships have more than one set of load lines marked, i.


File:Bonjean – Wikimedia Commons

Test your knowledge – and maybe learn something along the way. Bedford bnjean Hackett calculated 9. JonesMar 21, Or they could have totaled 15 sq. Subscribe to America’s largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! It was known that certain spaces were filled up in a certain number of minutes, approximately. There are half a hundred ways to do anything.

The strange twist to all of this is that his first calculation was undoubtedly much closer to reality. What should the master look for when they join, and what should be his curevs

Bonjean Curve Method

This will be the moment required to hold the ship at the new bonjjean angle. Beaufort wind scale Force 4. Hydrostatics software – comparison of accuracy AlikDec 17,in forum: In specific, Wilding was told that boiler room 6 flooded perhaps 20 minutes earlier than it did. However, while of value at the design stage and thereafter in managing the operational conditions of lading of the ship, I would not have thought Bonjean curves curvess much practical value in determining the damaged condition of cudves ship.

Brian HawleyMar 20, Especially that Wilding had to recalculate his figures, and the issue of internal fittings impeding flooding. But the RINA article alters Wilding’s formula values to obtain an answer that equals the famous 12 sq.

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