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For example, a graph of Rgja versus drain pad area is shown in Figures 12 and 3. For heat conduction through the leads Use of the above model permits junction to lead thermal resis- tance for any mounting configuration to be found. It is easy to verify that an energy rating is not datawheet best approach to a ruggedness quantification satasheet of avalanche energy fluctuations with test conditions.

One solution can be to plot the maxi- mum peak current versus the avalanche duration fig 2: The part numbers listed in this Cross Reference are in computer sort. This characterization is often far from application conditions and thus quite useless to the designer.

State-of-the-art geometry features epitaxial construction with oxide passivation and metal dtasheet contact.

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To determine maximum junction temperature of the diode in a given situation, the datasneet procedure is recommended: Regardless of the heating method used, a soldering profile giving the time-temperature relationship of the particular method must be determined to assure proper soldering. Power dissipation for a surface mount device is determined by Tj maxthe maximum rated junction temperature of the die, Rqja, the thermal resistance from the device junction to ambient, and the operating temperature, Ta- Using the values provided on the data sheet, Pq can be calculated as follows: I Catasheet hlA ‘ Step 4.

Data was obtained by measuring the ac component of Vq with a true rms ac voltmeter and the dc component with a dc voltmeter. They nyw80 sustain avalanche power levels close to those of forward conduction ratings.

The failures always occur in the corners where the electric field is most critical. However, in contrast to ordinary junction diodes, the loss in waveform efficiency is not indicative of power loss; it is simply a result of reverse current flow through the diode capacitance, which lowers the dc out- put voltage. It can be seen from this equation that if the Vqd voltage is low compared to the breakdown voltage of the device, the amount of energy contributed by the supply during breakdown is small and the total energy can be assumed to be nearly equal to the energy stored in the coil during the time when Si was closed.

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The type of flux used depends upon the degree of cleaning to be accomplished and is a function of the metals involved. Find VR equ j v. Find p F AV from Figure 6. Tighten each of the end bolts between 5 to 1 0 in-lb.

Average forward power dissipation Average reverse power dissipation Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance Figures 1, 2 and 3 permit easier use of equation 1 by taking reverse power dissipation and thermal runaway into consideration.

There are molybdenum disks which closely match the thermal coefficient of expansion of silicon on each side of the chip. Contaminated soldering surfaces may out-gas and cause non-wetting resulting in voids in the solder connection. A local thermal run- away then generates a hot spot and a punchthrough as can be seen in figures 4, 5 and 6. The data of Datashest 12 and 3 is based upon dc conditions.

Typical reverse current for lower datasbeet selections can be estimated from these same curves if Vr is suf- ficiently below rated Vr. Forward Power Dissipation Figure Find Pf A V t rom Figure 4. II Cold soldering gives a grainy appearance and solder build-up without a smooth continuous solder fillet. The thermal mass connected to the case is normally large enough so that it will not significantly respond to heat surges generated in the diode as a result of pulsed operation once steady- state conditions are achieved.

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Board where available copper surface is small. Datqsheet passivation follows the perimeter of the die. Ratasheet geometry features epitaxial construction with oxide passivation and metal overlay contact.

Satisfactory circuit analy- sis work may be performed by using a model consisting of an ideal diode in parallel with a variable capacitance. Typical Capacitance — H H — Figure 7. Devices listed in bold, italic are Motorola preferred devices. Devices in this category have an uncertain future and do not represent a good selection for new device designs or long term usage. The clearance between the components and the cavity must be within.


In order to have a complete characterization of the device it is interesting to see how it reacts to a constant avalanche current and different ambient temperatures. The prime example of its use is the output bridge of the automative alternator where millions are used each year. An eight degree tilt is a suggested maximum value. Typical Capacitance 0 0. A proper character- ization should present the maximum power capability versus time.

The guardring also operates like a zener to absorb over- voltage transients.

Current Derating, Case Figure 5. The temperature of the case should be measured using a thermocouple placed on the case. However, in order to positively ensure the package integrity of the fully isolated device, Motorola does not recommend exceeding 10 in – lbs of mounting torque under any mounting conditions.

Data shown for thermal resistance junction-to-ambient R ja for the mounting shown is to be used as a typical guideline values for preliminary engineering or in case the tie point tem- perature cannot be measured.

These rectifiers have very low breakdown voltages and therefore very thin epitaxy dtaasheet. Contact your Motorola representative for more information. The bye80 for the semiconductor packages must be the correct size to insure proper solder connection interface between the board and the package. Current Derating Figure 4. Tighten the center bolt between 8 to 10 in-lb.

However, in contrast to ordinary junction diodes, the loss in waveform efficiency is not indicative of power loss; it is simply a result of reverse current flowthrough the diode capacitance, which lowers the dc output voltage.

The rectifier selector section that follows has generally been arranged by package and technology.

Ideally suited for use as rectifiers in very low-voltage, high-frequency switching power supplies, free wheeling diodes and polarity protection diodes.

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