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The canonical target for SafeVarargs is a method like java. There is no simple answer annootations that question. For example, C applies to the type int in all of the following declarations: Unchecked warnings are identified by the string ” unchecked “.

Ambiguous Inherited Fields If two fields with the same name are inherited by an interface because, for example, two of its direct superinterfaces declare fields with that name, then a single ambiguous member results.

Chapter 9. Interfaces

But if FooContainer is applicable only to formal parameter declarations, then FooContainer was a poor choice of containing annotation type by Foo because FooContainer cannot be implicitly declared on some program elements where Foo is repeated. A member type declaration in an interface is implicitly public and static.

Because some interfaces are functional incidentally, it is not necessary or desirable that all declarations of functional interfaces be annotated with FunctionalInterface. It is our hope that you like this document and may benefit from it. Initialization of Fields in Interfaces 9.


For each throws clause, E is a subtype of some type named in that clause. It is a compile-time error if an interface method declaration is default or static annotatjons has a semicolon for its body. A static method also has a block body, which provides the implementation of the method.

Chapter 2: Introduction

The Identifier in an annotation type declaration specifies the name of the annotation type. It is permitted, but discouraged as a matter of style, to redundantly specify the public modifier for a method declaration in an interface.

Such a situation does not in itself cause a compile-time error.

A consequence of the fact that an annotation type cannot explicitly declare a superclass or superinterface is that a subclass or subinterface of an annotation type is never itself an annotation type. Object because TA is applicable in the field declaration context.

Finally, in version 9. An annotation type TC may be the containing annotation type of some annotation type T while also having its own containing annotation type TC ‘. Also the string chapter was updated.


The last number only indicates small changes; it is increased when, e. Note that it is still possible for an annotation nanotations to inherit a default method from its implicit superinterface, java. Here is an example of a single-element annotation: New languages are often oversold: Finally, there are the second-hand car purchasers. This prohibits obtuse code like:. It is a compile-time error if an interface declaration is annotated with FunctionalInterface but is not, in fact, a functional interface.


Only those semantics that require special behavior on the part of a Java compiler or Java Virtual Machine implementation are specified here. The first number is the major number, and is probably not going to change for some time: The TypeName specifies the .94.0 type corresponding to the annotation.

Inheriting Methods with Override-Equivalent Signatures. A function definition becomes a function declaration simply by replacing a function’s body by a semicolon. A class necessarily implements all the interfaces that its direct superclasses and direct superinterfaces do.

Finally, note that the second clause looks only one level deeper in a qualified type.

Debian — Error

In addition, if m has an element whose value is java. All correspondence concerning suggestions, additions, improvements or changes to this document should be directed to the author: Any use of this ambiguous member will result in a compile-time error. Therefore, the following annotation type declaration is legal:.

Target is used on the declaration of an annotation type T to specify the contexts in which T is applicable.

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