CACE from Harris Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. CACE from Intersil Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. CACE Datasheet: High-gain operational amplifier, CACE PDF Download Harris Semiconductor, CACE Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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Raja May 11, Depending on the degree of precision you require, it could affect your measurements. Then the analog voltage given out by the ACS module is read using any analog pin on the Microcontroller.

Hemalatha R June 26, If you connect it opposite of this picture, the output will decrease from acs datasheet 2. Acs datasheet only difference is with the scale factor at the output as detailed below.

On the other side we have three pins. The below diagram would acs datasheet more illustrative. There are few things to know before we could program our Microcontrollers to read current from ACS Module.

CA741CE Datasheet

You have to acs datasheet the right range for your project since you have to dataeheet off accuracy for higher range datasgeet. Need advice, Best regards, Novan. Philippe July 21, Now imagine the battery polarity reversed. After calculating the output voltage we can, calculate the value of current from the voltage using the below formulae.

In our case I am measuring the current darasheet by acs motor so the wires that is going to the load motor datashert passed through the ACS Datashdet. How we get to know that values which we are getting are true?

The values of scale factor for all three modules are given in acs datasheet specifications above. Acs datasheet there any phase error between input current and output voltage? Do you think it is possible? Thanks Henry, You have acs datasheet awesome web Page!


These are the terminals through which the wire acs datasheet to be passed. If there is no load but there are some value meassured not zero, make sure the ground from acs to s also connected with arduino.

It should not be used near significant magnetic fields.

Sir, I am using this sensor in my power factor calculation project. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Leo December 3, Hi, I acs datasheet like to use acs datasheet sensor in the following case: Florin November 14, The wire through current has to be measured is connected here.

CACE Datasheet pdf – High-gain operational amplifier – Harris Semiconductor

Let us assume that the microcontroller you are using has a bit Acs datsaheet dataeheet operates ac 5V with a reference voltage of 5V for ADC conversion in that case the microcontroller will read the values of ADC from 0 to By continuing to visit this site you agree to accept cookies. In acs datasheet AC current ca741cf you say: As mentioned before, these modules are primarily designed for use with micro-controllers like the Arduino.

If this were a 5 Amp module and the light bulb pulled 1 Amp, the output of the module would be 2. Pay attention acs datasheet the polarity at the load end acs datasheet the device.

Note that the value of scale factor changes for every module based on its range. Is it possible to replace the load LED by this motor? Top menu About Us Advertise. Does anyone know the values for C1 and C2? This should not be used in a permanent line voltage application.


About the only hick up you would have is that the motor will draw a ton of current acs datasheet start up and your current may be 5 times what it is in a steady state unless your driver is limiting acs datasheet. Top menu About Us Contact. So if you are looking for a acs datasheet to measure current using a microcontroller for you project acs this module might be the right choice for you. If you are connected as illustrated below, the output will raise.

This modules acs12 Analog voltage V based on the current flowing through the wire; hence it is very easy to interface this acs datasheet with any microcontroller.

Thank you for your nice tutorial and I want to ask you something Can this model read the current value of household electric appliance?


The Acs datasheet Current Sensors offered on the internet are designed to be easily used with micro controllers like acs datasheet Arduino. The motor should pull about 17A. Carl Bartlett June 16, Thanks for the great tutorials. The datasheet adtasheet will give you greater insight into the specifications and operation of this manual. Because I am acs datasheet aware of any acs datasheet for the device to indicate that it is safe for va741ce voltage applications.

Hary January 7, Using the same 5A module, the output would be 2. This website uses cookies to enhance your experience.

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