discapacidad intelectual; derechos; calidad de vida; grandes necesidades de apoyo; .. Navas, P., Gómez, L. E., Verdugo, M. Á. Y SCHALOCK, R. L. (). Discapacidad intelectual, calidad de vida, evaluación de la discapacidad. FEAPS, concebido no modelo de qualidade de vida do Schalock y Verdugo. Schalock and Verdugo () claim the current challenge of organizations for .. El concepto de calidad de vida en los servicios y apoyos para personas con.

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When this scahlock, it is convenient to collapse those categories of response when reflecting an unexpected operation, knowing the format scalock response of the scale setting when those categories of response are not sorted properly and are integrated see Table 5.

Optimizing rating scale category effectiveness. Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, 26 1 The obtained results show that 6 of 61 items in the scale do not conform precisely to the expectations of the model.

Measuring quality of life in people with intellectual and multiple disabilities: Revistas sobre Discapacidad Intelectual. Self and proxy rating of quality of life in adults with intellectual disabilities: Mental Retardation, 40 5 A leadership guide to redefining intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations: On the one hand, the estimate reliability measures the degree to which each scale score differentiates people in the measured variable and is equivalent to Cronbach’s Alpha.


Revista Facultad de Medicina, ; 63 4.

Spaces of social inclusion and belonging for people with intellectual disabilities. Services on Demand Article. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 31 2 Definition, classification, and systems of support 9 th ed.

American Journal on Mental Deficiency Monographs, 64, 2. Dichotomous y polytomous category information. Journal on Developmental Disabilities, 3 2 The pilot sample was selected from incidentally participating organizations from different parts of Spain who voluntarily decided to collaborate on the research project presented in our study.

Siglo Cero: Revistas sobre Discapacidad Intelectual

Un sistema de apoyos centrado en la persona. Access and barriers to educational services for Canadian children with disabilities.

Open Journal of Nursing, ; 2: With this in mind, we can say that there was no item which is proving detrimental to the measured construct and thus needs to be eliminated. Validation of the Spanish version of the Supports Intensity Scale.

What makes them feel like they do? The Outfit or external fit statistic is sensitive to unexpected behavior of those items that are far from the skill level of the subjects. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 3 Development of a support needs assessment scale for children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities.


We expect good results which will guide us in the construction of a valid tool which helps clarify the construct of support needs and assists scchalock in improving the services and professional practices for people with intellectual disabilities. Reliability The table below sschalock table 6 provides different evidence for measures of reliability of the scale in relation to the support needs of children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities in the Spanish context.


A manual on terminology and classification on mental retardation Ed. Reducing health disparity in people with intellectual disabilities: Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

A study to define: Research in Developmental Disabilities, 15 5 Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Active support as a primary prevention strategy for challenging behaviour. Key words Intellectual disability, quality of ce, disability evaluation.

The mam focus of this research is to analyze the psychometric viea of this scale within the Spanish context. The expectation of the model ranges between – 2 and 2.

Siglo Cero, 38 4 Valoraciones de los padres. Regarding the adequacy of the response of the scale format, the highest values of the categories of response in each of the three indices of measurement are not sorted properly. Gizarte zerbitzuetarako aldizkaria, 48,

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