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Pasteurised milk is not included in the list of products for which the Member States have to submit to the Commission a weekly price notification. The Commission is not an appeals body on asylum or return issues. Per tutelare i consumatori, all’atto di calcolare l’esposizione dei consumatori e i rischi tossicologici, i laboratori usano il valore misurato e non il valore che si ricava sottraendo l’incertezza di misura.

Use of neonicotinoid pesticides in agriculture. Hungarian legislation on the lease and sale of land. Structural reforms are necessary to improve framework conditions for growth and to strengthen the adjustment capacity of our economies. What does the Commission think and how, should this be necessary, does it propose to ensure that this is so? The Commission does not intend to further reduce the national co-financing requirements.

Obstacles to obtaining residence visas for European citizens in Brazil. The Commission reassesses its office automation strategy periodically, and in close contact with the IT departments of the other EU institutions, including the European Parliament, since virtually all of them are currently using the same framework contracts in this area.

Con quali motivazioni si esclude che una maggiore spesa ed un innalzamento del tetto del debito possano avere conseguenze positive sull’economia europea? What was the reason for this adulteration of the Portuguese flag at the Eurogroup meeting? Contempt for court judgments in Greece. Socially fair development of Renewable Energy Policy in the internal energy market.


Panama Fasteners – Somos Líderes en el Sector de Tornillería

The Commission is fully aware of the research results that have been published by researchers of the University of Southampton. Have there been any problems concerning overlaps and shared competence and how were these dealt with? Commission strategies for better management of urban waste water treatment.

As Guardian of Union law, the Commission may, however, intervene if it can be clearly demonstrated that a Member State has infringed rights accorded to individuals under Union law. The Prodcutos Jewish Cemetery is in the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus but is also in a military zone, meaning that access to it is barred and has been since Can the Commission specify whether it intends to re measures to restrict the movement of pigs and catalog products originating from Italy?

Todos Los Productos

Situation of language teachers in Italian universities. The EU’s strategy for the Horn of Africa. While some Member States may benefit from the financial austerity policy surely this alone catalpgo not constitute sufficient grounds for persevering with this policy which has thus far proved to be disastrous. The Malian Government formally requested the intervention of the Economic Community of West African States Ecowas in September to deal with the situation in the northern part of the country, which is controlled by different armed groups.

El Estado chileno debe tratar de aplicar la justicia con igualdad y no utilizar el Estado de Derecho para mantener ocupaciones de tierras contrarias al Derecho internacional. These algorithms differ depending on the purpose, i. A lack of physical activity has detrimental effects not only on the health of individuals, but also on health systems and the economy at large, because of the significant direct and indirect economic costs of physical inactivity.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Why has the Commission decided to abandon its original position on emissions trading? These rules address the dester of disorderly markets with regard to short selling. The same paragraph provides that competent regulatory authorities shall lay down criteria for the accuracy and reliability of the caller location information provided.


However, quite apart from international child abduction, there are very many cases of children born to parents of the same nationality, who, following a separation, no longer have regular contact with one parent.

Criteria for including trademark rights in list of IPRs. Is the Commission taking account of the aforementioned study when drawing up its specific recommendations for the Member States?

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Will the Commission raise with Turkey the question of the need to withdraw its army productks the area so that the cemetery is accessible to Jewish people, in accordance with respect for the fundamental human rights of the freedom of movement and religion?

Those answers can be summarised as follows:. European programmes to combat unemployment in Greece.

However, in this instance, the Commission has been informed by OLAF that the matter described has not been reported to it for examination. The Commission is of the opinion that this situation is different from that in the Piatkowski.

Does the Commission know the amount allocated by the Romanian Government to this campaign? OLAF will examine it and decide if it falls within its mandate for action. His fesger was marked by the development of applications that facilitated the production and circulation of datalogo online, including RSS, Reddit, Markdown.

Provisions concerning the qualitative status of water courses in the Water Framework Directive. If these workers retire at 65, they will not receive a Dutch AOW pension for two years. The more aid the bank has received, normally measured as a percentage of its risk weighted assets, the bigger the restructuring needed.

Criteria for including the rights of the creator of the topographies of a semiconductor product in list of IPRs.

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