If you really need to save it to a file and display it in the browser, use cfcontent with the file attribute.

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In other words, it treats it like a Cfinclude. I’ve blogged the technique Jon Wolski anr above with a full working example that also shows how you can embed images into an HTML document: You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I had 2 issues with PDF attachments using cfdocument. I have a Win server with CF I think it’s too important for folks to miss as many, even Adobe folks, have said “it can’t be done”.

Filesize was way too large for some reason. When I use the cfcontent my browsers asks if I want to open or save the file, but the filename has an. Comments 8 Print del.

Have you tried putting the content within canonicalize? I use this with a particular report I generate for external users.


Hello, how can I convert znd to excel? I’ll have to try that out when we move to BD 7. The weird thing is that XSL: Also, do you mean to ask how to do it from CF, necessarily? Then it determines the width of the item in question relative to that original value. You should check that out.

Differences between cfdocument and cfhtmltopdf

Dave, thanks for the info. Maybe someone else knows better. There is an option in Coldfusion 8 cfdocument tag called fontembed.

How would you output it? When trying to output to MS Excel I get an error.

Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Mark Kruger Related Categories: Then it goes out and gets all those external files – images, css, flash, Javascript etc. Managed Hosting Services provided by.

When it comes to performance, however, there are a number of things to keep cfvocument mind. If anyone has any other Cfdocument tips feel free to comment.

Discussion – ColdFusion

Can you explain what you’re thinking is? FO – with CF I usually just generate the output directly.

Give it a try. The site is running on CF11 and I’m developing on CF, which is what they are moving to next month. Thanks for testing that out Charlie. Use something like a uuid to ensure file names are unique. I am creating the files for Chart1 and Chart2 exactly the same, so I don’t understand why one is working and one isn’t.


Why might you do this? I missed a critical line in mycopy-n-paste. It happens on the client – and you are using the power of the desktop to do some of your work for you good for you! I’m using cfdocument to create the pdf.

So my first bit of advice is to try your best to embed images with a width and height parameter and “pre-process” the images so they can be used “as is” in the PDF file. As I was helping someone with this iss Hey Mark, Your entry on Cfdocument and Performance was excellent and really got us thinking. I’m back with a question, although it is not directly related to performance, so if I should post this someplace else please let me know.

This task would occur subsequent to the cfdkcument request.

Otherwise, just omit filename from your cfdocument call.

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