1 Hour Quickstart Tutorial. Disclaimer. Citect Pty Ltd makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and, to the. Vijeo Citect Quick-Start Tutorial Part 1 An introduction to the basics of Vijeo Citect This tutorial will guide you to build and run a project with Vijeo Citect V Download: Vijeo Citect V Quickstart Tutorial – Citect SCADA.

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Click on the Manual button then the Auto button and check to see that the appropriate light activates.

For each pump you have created type you should now have three variable tags defined: Select the Appearances tab on the horizontal tabs, and the General tab on the citrct tabs. Mode gives access to the underlying data point: Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death.

This has modified our equipment, tag, alarm and trend definitions, but not the graphics configuration where we have used the tags. Select the Process Analyst from the menu bar at the top of the page.

This tank is now linked to the master object in your library. We will fix this now. From the File menu, select Compile. This page contains a number of buttons that allow the operator to control the pump modes and operations, as well as a slider to control its speed. You will select a different symbol to display for this srart. Click on the plus icon next to Pages node to expand it, and click on MyPage from the list. thtorial

These techniques give you complete control over the full 32 bit color pallet when creating and modifying symbols and other graphics items. Command is on i. The Runtime Manager dialog will appear, showing the startup process and status.


Then click OK to close the dialog. Templates provide a vast range of prebuilt functionality, making the task of building a new project with Vijeo Citect extremely fast. By taking a closer look at the screens in the tutorial you may be able to identify any differences.

Move your cursor to an appropriate location on your graphics page and Click to place the numerical display on the page. Hovering over the pipe and clicking Insert will add a node.

To add a new type, right-click on the Tutorial folder and select the Add Type option. From the Menu select View, Show Zoom.

Hovering over a node and click the Delete button will remove a node. Preparing for Runtime 48 4. When the restore is complete, select the new project in Vijeo Citect Explorer, then change to the Vijeo Citect Project Editor to compile the project.

New QuickStart Tutorial for SCADA v now available

Viewing Alarms 87 7. These are currently disabled because you have not logged into the runtime yet. Select Lowered from the various 3D Effects available.

Restoring a Project 95 8. The starter project automatically creates a series of default pages and navigation menus ready for you to use, based on standard graphics templates.

Notice This document is not comprehensive for any systems and does not absolve users of their duty to uphold the safety requirements for the equipment used in their systems, or compliance with both national or international safety laws and regulations. Click on the Slider Tab, then click on the Vertical Tab on the right-hand side.

Click and drag to place a rectangle around your buttons and lights. Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury. The means that when this object is highlighted by the user, they can type up to 5 numbers or characters into the keyboard and press the Enter key, which will trigger Vijeo Citect to use the entered value in the Key Citecg Command action.


The default palette contains commonly used colors however this does not restrict the number of colors you can actually use in your project. Most likely you have done tytorial different from the instructions. Once the runtime parameters have been established, the project configuration can be updated at any time without runing the wizard again.

This is available on the Vijeo Citect software CD or from our website www.

Vijeo Citect V7.20 Quickstart Tutorial

Carefully manipulate your pipe to align with the outlet of the tank, and feed into the pump approximately halfway through its radius.

For this you will use the Align tool. Some menu items are grouped together and can be accessed via a drop-down menu by clicking on the down arrow key. Clicking on a different project in Vijeo Starr Explorer immediately changes the project you are working in.

Remember me on this computer. The drop-down list contains all the equipment types configured in your project. Press enter again to set the position or release left mouse button if you used that cittect. Most dialog boxes have a help button that provides context sensitive information with just a mouse click.

Since we will no longer need to refer back to tags we have just replaced, it is a good idea to clean our records.

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