The Kingdom of Bretonnia is a highly chivalrous feudal kingdom that lies between the lands of the Grey Mountains and the Great Ocean. Bretonnia is second. Introduction Welcome to Warhammer: Bretonnia, your definite guide to Bretonnia, the most chivalrous and honourable realm in the Old World. Bretonnia 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now! This update changes the following: New Hero: Faceless replaces Yeoman Serjeant. Lords and.

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Well it does say that the Faceless are sometimes nobility working on things they can’t do openly. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. Thursday, 19 May Bretonnia 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now!

Oh sorry, for 8th, should have posted that. They have spent much of their lift in a box. Anonymous 25 May at They are the protectors of an area that every knight is required to fund and train, and a largely volunteer defensive force whose members train occasionally, rarely used for offensive engagements. I have to say that while you’ve done a great job, there is some units and rules that need to be looked at.

Warhammer Armies Project: Bretonnia 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now!

Cover has very little wear. Men at Arms are the backbone of the Brettonian army and consist of either nobles, the retinue of nobles or sufficiently wealthy commoners that can afford to fight as heavy cavalry. Just ignore this post if I’m wrong with my assumption here. Or you just have a ward save for units that normally don’t have such protection?


These have serious issues when it comes to balance. Mathias Eliasson 4 June at There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Mostly that they are very very powerful and need to be toned down. The fluff about how Men at Arms are recruited is as the retinue of a noble is left the same. Book Type bretonbia all. Love the book but I need to know is there a conclusion to the story with Thibault? Grail Knights 38 pts.

That logic doesn’t quite work because the realm of chaos This includes their characteristic values, information on their weapon options, and any limitations on their use, as well as background information on each unit. Games Workshop has coddx released various expansions over the years, including dodex siege rules supplement and campaign expansions. Anonymous 2 June at There are not really any other kind of Men-at-Arms in the background either that would be better with the name, in Bretonnia you are either a noble knight or a dirty peasant!

Includes the following books. Foot Knights 10 pts, free morning stars. For that I apologize upfront. Did I see that you removed the Morning Star special rules from the 9th ed rules?

Lance Formation does not use supporting attacks, meaning you will lose A on the codeex.

Warhammer Army Book

There should be a modification to the unit types section and the Fear special rule so that Chaos Ogres still fear Daemons especially ones of equal sizeArachnorak Spiders are scared of Bloodthirsters and other things.

Breetonnia you for viewing my items. Our grading system is listed below for your perusal. All army books were initially replaced by a get-by list in Ravening Hordes, distributed for free. Inside you will find The Pride of Bretonnia. It does however have plenty of stories and background found nowhere else. Presumably they wouldn’t loose their martial prowess, so a bit of clever model making to fit the image and using a paladin entry should work for you.


A wealthy commoner wouldn’t go to the expense and trouble to own a Pegasus or Hippogryph and becoming a Lord, Baron, Questing Knight or Grail Knight is still exclusive to nobles. I’ll think about adding the sniper rule though, but I don’t want them to be too good, Bretonnia is not really about archers after all! Got one to sell? Reduce the price of the unit by points and remove Blessing of the Lady and The Knights Vow which can be given back for the same amount of points.

Warhammer Fantasy Army book lot. They are a WS4, BS4, I4 of skirmishing scouts with Longbows and a special rule that makes their shooting attacks ignore armor saves. I’ve seen that Banner of Defence now is brtonnia 25 points, giving a ward save 6 against missile fire.

Perfect bretonnnia framing and matting. Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer Fantasy Armies. Grail Knights are 38 pts in 8th ed, they are cheaper in 9th since Lance Formation is weaker there. Hobby section – Information on collecting, building and painting an army from the army book.

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