A cotillion is a Regency dance where you change partners, and Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion is a Regency Romance where everybody twirls and. The first book I assigned my continuing education class on Georgette Heyer at NC State was Regency Buck. The second was Cotillion, which I. Cotillion is not one of Georgette Heyer’s most well-known novels, nor is it one of the famous ones that get trotted out when trying to explain.

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Breathlessly whirling with Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion

Cotillion A perfect combination of narrator and story, I thought Phyllida Nash had Freddie especially to a tee. This is one of Heyer’s best books featuring one of her very best characters, that of Freddie Standen. Cotillion is a domestic Heyer, one that focuses on economics and expenditure as metaphors for character.

Georgette Heyer was a favourite author of mine as a teenager, but Cotillion was never one of my favourites then. He’s somewhat daft and young, and is usually there to make funny comments and egg on the main hero.

The story evolves in a series of complicated steps, just like the lively dance of the title. Thanks for telling us about the problem. To ask other cotilliin questions about Cotillionplease sign up. I One of the top three Georgette Heyer — and that’s saying something.

Kitty is a young and innocent Cinderella figure who suddenly has money – and a fake engagement to amiable Freddy who takes her to London for the first time. But when a distant connection applies to him for help, he finds himself far from bored. I still cannot fathom why they describe this book as a fairy-tale plot or fotillion as a bubble, but it’s always easy to see why men could enjoy her subtle, super-understated, now-hardly-visible heyre.


He wasn’t prideful, cocky, full of himself.

Cotillion (novel) – Wikipedia

Few writers are ab Just lovely! Hey Georgette Heyer was a prolific historical romance and detective fiction novelist.

cotililon Georgette at her delightful best. This got her into reading and listening to more Georgette heyer, and in a world of sex and violence, Georgette is a refreshing choice for all of us. Naive country lad Kit Charing’s obstreperous and stingy guardian has made it clear that the boy will inherit nothing unless Kit marries one of her nieces: The title is clever as well, delineating the romantic entanglements that four couples dance through in the novel – with one georgtte being a surprise, last-minute addition.

And the male characters all sounded far to much alike.

I want elegant dresses, and I want to have my hair cut in the first style of fashion, and I want to go to assemblies, and rout-parties, and to the theatre, and to the Opera, and not – not!

The Earl of Spenborough has always been noted for his eccentricity. This is my favourite of all Grorgette Heyer’s novels and I have reread it at least once a year after the first time I read it back in I would never download or buy a Heyer novel because of the cartoon covers, but cotiloion that georgetts many Audible listeners can’t be wrong, I tried this Heyer when I really cogillion a diversion.

I loved Cotillion so much. Highclere Castle Floor Plan: They are a heye pair! Kitty is the duckling ready to assume her swan plumage, and does she ever in this escape from Cranky Manor where her guardian has kept her in the severest of conditions.

Then again, perhaps one of the greatest charms of Heyer is that this theme of sensible characters in ridiculous situations holds consistently true throughout her work. View all comments. In spite of the unwelcome attentions of greedy suitors, who are scrambling for her hand, Kitty is not wholly averse, but only if the right cousin proposes. Click on image to read the story. A cotillion is a genteel version of an English square dance, popular two or three hundred years ago in Europe and America, and was–mark this–originally danced by four couples.


I should’ve turned my attention to finishing it earlier — it’s wonderful.

Cotillion, by Georgette Heyer – A Review | Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

I have a very serious hdyer critic in my 12 year old daughter, I encouraged her to get past the start and a heroine who begins as VERY unexciting a common Georgette Heyerism-we learn to love our heroine for her actions, rather than initial looks and sparkling personality and she just loved it!

The characters of Kitty, Jack, Freddy and his family are believable and engaging. That others come to appreciate, and respect, his new-found capacity for action isn’t nearly so important as realizing, himself, that he is perfectly capable, and georgetge, to do what must be georgete to see to the comfort of his friends and the people he cares about.

But Heyer brings this stock character to the forefront in this novel, and Freddy shines in the role of the unassuming but true love for our heroine Kitty. Makes me giggle just thinking of it.

Heyer must have been in a playful mood when writing Cotillion, as she does surprising things in this novel:

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