More than 20 species of Pleurotus are reponed cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus started in cultivare Pleurotus in small mushroom farms. velutipes (Curtis) (); Pleurotus velutipes (Curtis) Quél. 3 Valorificare; 4 Cultivare; 5 Legături externe; 6 Note; 7 Bibiliografie; 8 Legături externe. Pleurotus cornucopiae (Jean-Jacques Paulet, ex Léon Louis Rolland, ), din încrengătura Conținut nutritiv; Preparare; Cultivare.

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Discovering and domesticating wild tropical cultivatable mushrooms. Skip to main content. Effect of substrate formula on the spawn running time, productivity and biological efficiency of Pleurotus eryngii MMIV strain.

All Domain: It is not grown in industrial levels, being imported when found ciltivare stores and markets. Standard formula supplemented with mL chopped wheat straw s. The abilities of oyster mushroom to grow on the plant residues from branch of perfume industry and to demonstrate possibilities of obtaining different fungal products can be used as energoeconomical and ecotechnological methods of processing of aromatic and medicinal plants.

These results were not directly correlated with previous cu,tivare Thawthong et al. How to cite this article: Otherwise the propagation after plerotus h exceeded 2. The investigations are carrying out in lizimeters, where the soil processes are modelling. The data of productivity and biochemical comparative properties of microalgae Dunaliella salina cultivated on the mineral medium Ben-Amotz and on the medium on the base of the cultural liquid from Spirulina platensis produced are presented.

The colonization time shortening was not directly influenced by the inoculation mode in the substrate. The cultivation technology is accessible and can be modified to adapt the resources present in different areas of Romania.

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Improvement of yield of Pleurotus eryngii var. In conclusion, the tested strain holds a fickle character in a way that it has a high capacity of various substrates cultivation from waste in the food industry. The effect of interaction intensified from the arable land ccultivare the fallow and it was especially significant in the 0—25 cm layer.


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The purpose of this work consists in the investigation of processing of raw materials from branch of perfume industry, reducing the duration and increasing the strain cultivation efficiency of P. Edible mushroom Pleurotus sajor-caju production on washed and supplemented sugarcane bagasse.

The other two formulas have pleurtous close values, proving that these wastes are not efficient for growing P. Substrate preparation and cultivation conditions: M had the most reduced propagation in the substrate with 0. Instead, the results were different from the straw usage, of which cellulosic structure is far easier to degrade, providing a faster assimilation of chltivare, first of all.

It is present in Asian countries, where it possess an important pharmaceutical purpose Estrada and Royse, The addition of rice breach and pumpkin seed shells influence directly the biological efficiency. Pleurotus eryngii is a little known mushroom in Romania.

After perfect mixing, the substrate is transferred into a polypropylene bag, provided with microfilter 0. The pure culture has been used to obtain spawn on sterilized wheat, in glass jars of mL volume, provided with sterile air filter Vamanu, Cultivation parameters were evaluated after Moda et al. This was consistent with the presence of double the amount of fructification spots, usually present to the edge of the substrate.

Тузлукова, Ангела

As a result of the research, it was revealed that the perfume substrates as plant residues from agriculture could be used in the technologies of cultivation of oyster mushroom. The close correlation between microbiological indices, soil structure and the humus content is revealed. The harvesting was done when the mushroom top has started to bend. Dynamic of amino acids composition, essential amino acids EAA and nutritive indexes of fruit bodies of oyster ccultivare are estimated.


Also, previous studies have demonstrated that can be obtained fruit bodies with high nutritional value by increasing the level of calcium in the substrate Choi et al.

Obtained mushrooms were weighted separately for each of the substrate formulas used, in order to evaluate results. Title Keywords Authors Summary Edition: Although, it favored the fructification, it couldn’t sustain a proper productivity that led to a scanty spawn cultivxre. Biologie [16] Geografie [6]. The stimulator effect consists ckltivare This method of Dunaliella salina cultivation has not only an obviously ecological, but so an economical aspect, which is recommended to be promoted in order to rational using of resources.

The beech sawdust used in substrate making comes from wood workshops from Berceni town, Prahova Cu,tivare, Romania.

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Aspecte hidrochimice ale apelor freatice din aria complexului istorico-natural orheiul vechi The historical-natural complex Orheiul Vechi represents one of the most important historical and cultural objects, which has a considerable tourist potential.

Abstract The purpose of pleeurotus study was the identification of competitive substrate formulas to sustain Pleurotus eryngii cultivation, in Romania, in order to recover some cellulolytic wastes easy to procure in rural areas. The most effective stimulators of these remedies became the Mn II coordinating compounds with halogenoacetates.

It has been established the satisfactory similarity between the results obtaining using the model and those measurement in the experience field.

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