I recalled that there was a ‘setting’ in d20 Future known as Mecha Crusade which was basically the premise of every Gundam show so far and. Chapter 1: Introduction. “Mecha” is the term used by Japanese animators and fans to refer to the mechanical designs that appear in Japanese animation. Documents Similar To Mecha Crusade. Mekton Zeta – Starblade Uploaded by. Tatsumaki91 ยท D20 Modern – Complete Pulp Heroes [Sourcebook].

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It cruszde published by Wizards of the Coast and released in November 1, The game uses the d20 System and Dungeons and Dragons 3.

It also provided players the tools to build a campaign in a modern setting. Wizards released d20 Modern in at the same x20 the company was revamping its Star Wars role-playing game. In d20 Modern each character is referred cruwade as a hero. All heroes start with a first level basic class. Each basic class corresponds to one of the six ability scores in the d20 System. They have their own set of skills, feats, talents, saves, hit dice, wealth bonus, and so on. A hero will become a specific hero, but it depends on the players in what ability they favor.

The six basic classes are: These heroes are brawny, and they greatly favor melee vrusade. Difficult to take down and can resist most sicknesses.

The typical know-it-all hero has most the skills and points. A strong intuitive hero and meccha vigilant. A hero who has a way with words and personal magnetism.

In addition to basic classes, there are also advanced classes. Similar to basic classes but with requirements to fulfill. There’s 14 advanced classes to qualify: Advanced classes can be easily achieved depending on the hero’s basic class. For instance, a Tough Hero can be an excellent candidate for Bodyguard or Daredevil. In later levels, the player may choose to multiclass their hero.

However, some Gamemasters GMs may have restrictions on certain advanced classes in his or her campaign. Cruszde, the advanced classes might be tougher to acquire or won’t be available. The most frowned upon advanced classes are the Acolyte and Mage. Gamemasters tend to shun these classes because they involve spellcasting, as seen in Urban Arcana. Reasons may greatly vary on the Gamemaster.

Portfolio – D20 Future

One of the interesting additions to the system was the action points. Actions points are used by characters to affect game play greatly. Whenever a character spends one action point, the character receives a small boost in his or her skill checks, ability checks, level checks, or saving throws. There’s a bit of restriction when and where to use them.


d20 Mecha Crusade

As the crudade spends these points, they’re very limited. However, through level advancement, he or she replenishes spent action points. In order to fit the d20 Modern setting, some skills and items are reworded and rebalanced, and both the feats and skills mechanics receive expansions. Also included are game statistics for both modern weapons and “archaic” weapons, such as swords, axes, and crossbows.

Occupations aren’t considered classes but act as a job or career that a character holds. He or she may hold multiple occupations, but over time. There are over 19 different occupations and each with its own restrictions, such as age. As well, they open more options when choosing skills and higher Wealth bonus. The 19 occupations are: It functions just crusase any real world currency: It also defines the characters’ financial conditions, from being opulent to impoverishment.

All characters have their own wealth. Determining wealth at first level, the player rolls a four-sided die two times 2d4and then adds the results together. The result can be increased by occupation, the Windfall feat, and the Profession skill. Whenever the character advances in level, the player rolls a Profession check. These settings, unlike the rest of the book, feature the supernatural. In this setting, evil monsters, usually from one or more parallel dimensions, roam free around the world.

However, most people do not see these creatures for what they really are, seeing instead a vague approximation which is still plausible in that person’s beliefs about reality. For example, an ogre would appear to the average person as a very burly man.

The player characters are somehow capable of seeing through this veil, and mecna take on responsibility for defending humanity from the monsters. It originally appeared as a d20 mini-game in Polyhedron Magazine issue In this campaign setting, magic at dd20 in the traditional sense does not exist, but psychic capabilities called psionics do. A novella taking place in this setting was published on the WotC website.

In this setting, dragons rule the boardrooms and bugbears rule the streets. It is a world where monsters and magic exist, yet the human psyche just cannot fathom them and covers up all supernatural events. Some, however, break that barrier and become aware of the world around them, and help Mages, Acolytes, and other magical characters fight with monsters from another realm. It uses concepts from the core d20 Modern RPG rules and the Urban Arcana and d20 Menace Manual sourcebooks, which are also recommended for use to get the most from the setting.

The setting was a take off of anime mecha series, like Mobile Suit Gundam or Macross. Polyhedron also known as Dungeon contained a d20 Modern “update” of the Pulp Heroes mini-game. The setting allows one to play games that take place during the famous Pulp Era of literature, filled with ancient dinosaurspower-hungry gangstersvengeful vigilantesamazing superheroes crusafe, evil Nazisbizarre inventionsmystical psionicshard-boiled detectivestrained martial artistscurious explorerseldritch aliensand various other fantastic people, places, and things.


The worlds of H. Many elements of Pulp Heroes were adapted into the later d20 Past sourcebook. Thunderball Rally was the second mini-game in a brief series of previews for d20 Modern that appeared in the early issues of the third and last edition of Polyhedron Magazinewhich was on the flipside of Dungeon Magazine. The game creates an imaginary cross-country car race, and uses d20 System modern vehicle rules. The vehicle rules that were described in the game were also recommended for use with the previous d20 Modern mini-game preview Shadow Chasers Polyhedron In Thunderball Rallythe player characters portray one of the crews in the largest, most lucrative, most illegal crosscountry road race in America.

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