The Small ball poker strategy is often credited to poker pro Daniel Negreanu and can be affectively used in the early stages of No Limit Texas Holdem. Premium hands are simply few and far between when large pots are at stake. Tournaments are won by aggressively going after smaller pots. The first thing you’ll notice when you watch a player who uses the small ball approach is that he appears to be in total control of the table, yet at.

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It’s easy to call it balance.

I’m not comparing them in terms of other pots. October 1st,5: Like the idea of getting coached by Daniel Negreanu?

Nice post, I will be rewatching these for a while. You might say that “By winning small pots, I’m setting them up for a big one later, right?

However, this term and style of play later gained more recognition through strategy articles and videos by Daniel Negreanu.

It is actually very uncommon to be behind either RR or having c-bet called with air The tricky situations arise when you hit a bit of the board but face aggression. It would be fine to use in MTTs, but with SNGs there is a problem in that the structure is usually quite fast, and the period bapl play effective small ball will not last for long.

I believe that amateur players who attempt to emulate small ball poker will get themselves in to tricky situations.

Playing small ball poker relies on you being able to play well post flop because you are entering so many dniel and allowing other players to do so cheaply. That’s not a narrow subject.


Although we are raising with less than premium hands, it does not necessarily mean that are trying to take down the blinds alone on every hand.

In tournaments, that can all go down the drain when players are moved to different tables. Definately dqniel checking out imo. Let’s say you are in position and you flop the nut flush draw.

And the more hands danie, your opponent thinks you could potentially be holding, the higher the chances are that they might pay you off. In fairness though, it’s hard to give either Harrington or Negreanu full negreanj for this style of play. December 13th,6: September 11th,5: But – depending on table dynamics and image – whenever a savvy player could make money with it, expect them to be using it. This style of play can be very effective because you create a very loose table image for yourself.

Your second question is unanswerable.

How to Play Small-ball Poker

Forgot Password If you have forgotten your PokerStars School password you can reset it by following these steps here: How often does more than one player have that? Alternatively, you could tighten up and wait for a strong hand to take bakl of your opponent’s aggression — but this approach might not always be possible with escalating blinds and antes in a tournament!

It appears to be an “adaptation” of the principles of the game based on the fact that the vast majority of players play too “loosely.

September 23rd,7: I am currently introducing small ball to my micros cash game strategy. Without maths, that’s about all of poker!

He does not want to get in a coin flip as he feels he can beat you over the long run. September 1st,3: If you are going to enter a pot by raising with a less than a premium hand, then it is important that the hand you raise with has some kind of potential.


It is important to remember that you are relying on your opponents to be aware of the way you are playing for small ball poker to be successful. Tom Au 1, 6 Originally Posted by TheDoc Care to elaborate on small ball? Extracting bluffs in this environment is more difficult than average. Unless you are truly expert, small ball is just an excuse to play loose and weak and likely to be a losing strategy. It is not going to be an effective style of playing if you are raising 2.

Small Ball Poker

Small-ball poker is much more difficult to implement when you are playing really aggressive opponents who will keep firing away, no matter what they hold. Sign up using Facebook. I think it helps more when your regular game has you figured out, and you need to change it up to keep from losing, or to recapture the gains you are no longer making. We have all seen his sick predictions of what someone has in their hole on TV. You have to be an experienced player to be able to profitably employ the small ball playing style.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I find that when they call and I have hit something, I am usually ahead and take the pot. Sometimes that means playing small ball, but the difference is that when you do it, you do it for a reason.

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