The Twisting Halls This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 31st, at 3: 00 pm and is filed under 4e D&D, news, RPG Hub. You can follow any. A while ago I started a thread about spicing up the Twisting Halls adventure that comes with the Red Box. D&D 4E. Last Updated: 04/24/ Play Status: Playing. 0: fans. 0: comments. Stream. Mirne created the new campaign The Twisting Halls. 6 years ago.

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Thompson – November 03, Guard Chamber Encounter G2: Traevus devised a plan to send our group of enterprising adventurers to retrieve the strongbox and, unbeknownst to us, slay Malareth.

The Twisting Halls « Blog of Holding

If Jinx senses failure and her life is in danger, she will still switch sides to save her own skin. I wanted the skull to be more impactful, so I also made the skull haunt the PCs dreams so that during each extended rest, d&&d experienced dizzying visions that left them unsettled, i.

Twistting was planning to have the villagers tell the PCs to fuck themselves when they returned, and &dd some moral choices on the PCs but our group fell apart Any interesting links anyone could mention for a player getting into the game? Warden of Everlost Encounter S1: Unfortunately for Traevus, when the PCs returned, and confronted Traevus about the contents of the box, he wasn’t able to lie successfully enough.

Or was he hoping to sell the skull to the highest bidder? The Empire of Shade Encounter M2: The Devourer’s Welcome Encounter V5: Malareth was far twistting panicked about failing Orcus to intervene personally.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Our PCs made sure the ambush was unsuccessful. If that still seems implausible to you, consider this: By the way, the Mentzer adventure, like the modern one, also starts on page 4. This pulled the group into the iron Circle story line.

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All images must be original content, must include [OC] or [Art] in the title, and must be accompanied by a description in the comments of at least characters. Most of the links are coming up broken for me. So far, we’ve played a little over half way through the opening adventure in the Starter Kit. I decided Traevus was a bitter war profiteer. Tuesday, 28th November, Unearthed Pets Encounter Audience Chamber Encounter G2: Follow the reddit content policyincluding the provisions on unwelcome content and prohibited behavior.

Twisting Halls Advice (SPOILERS)

The fight with the dragon was a blast balls tried talking with it, but rolled several 1s in their skill checks It ultimately turned into this 7 Samurai situation where the PCs trained this village rebellion. March 5, at 9: Traveus got the better of the necromancer, as Malareth met his demise when my Hallx found him. I would think Malareth is very busy playing with his new toy the skullso Jinx and the bugbear are under orders to kill the PCs and under no circumstances is Malareth to be disturbed.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own wtisting. The battle never happened. My party is still in the Twisting halls, but my plan is for them to see that Traveus had no idea what was in the box.

Was he going to bring it to the temple so it could be destroyed or was he just “holding it for a friend? Gate of Th Encounter W5: July 20, at 1: PCs are notoriously self-centered. They then have these side quests where they try to rally support for a rebellion.

Welcome to your new campaign!

An Adroit Challenge Encounter S3: They’ve fought their way into the Twisting Halls and cleared encounters 1 the Hex Hurler3 the goblins and Rats and 2 The Dragon in that order without a rest. I think these are ridiculous. Entrance Pit Encounter R1: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Boarding the Ship Encounter S1: Results 1 to 1 of 1.



Teh Room Elder Evils Encounter This resulted in beginning a few encounters with the goblins having twiting advantage for 1d4 rounds! There were updates to each of the core classes in via Dragon magazine.

Then when we had obtained the skull which I called “Legacy of Traevus” and made it basically a cursed necromantic focuswe eventually learned that we had to bring it to Keep of the Shadowfell to properly destroy its magic, thus giving me the hook to begin that adventure proper and introduce the BBEG, Kalarel.

So Jinx would also know Traevus So you recovered the Dwarven merchant Traveus’ box from the necromancer Maraleth and discovered it contained a skull. Who steered the PCs to the Traevus multiplex in the first place? Picked up 4e cheap during 5e and am interested in getting into the game.

Rescue at Rivenroar 1st level Scales of War 2: Death Calls Encounter C8: The next adventure will be mostly determined by the party but there are a couple hooks to get them investigating the city and dealing with some officials to ease them into more of the roleplay and less of the hack,slash and burn method of conflict resolution.

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