Description. This course is an introduction to ERP supported by SAP ERP with the IDES database. The method is developed for business schools and. De praktijk van mySAP en IDES. 1. Errata Hands-on with SAP ERP and IDES version. General comment: the menus within accounting have been adjusted . SAP ERP modules are notoriously hard to configure and use effectively without a lot of practice and experience. But as SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling: Configuration and Use Management De praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES.

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Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. After all, in the enn of pratkijk long-running processing in workflow, some instances might take longer to execute than others. This type of workflow is in fact a state machine that has a starting state and ending state. Workflows are transparent and dynamic through their lifecycle The long-running characteristic of workflows should not turn them into a black box. This way a business process can be adapted dynamically, reducing downtime that would occur in typical procedural code due to recompilations.

Basically, this means that the workflow change is applied from inside the workflow itself. NET, workflow, dynamic adaptation, instrumentation, generic frameworks vi.

When such a hint is present for the suspended workflow instance and for the current suspension point, an update is applied, possibly loading an activity dynamically from disk in order to be inserted in the workflow instance. In Figure 23 a dotted line is used to indicate the path taken in case of an error. Toon meer Toon minder. Figure 4 – A state machine workflow 2. The type of service is often referred to as data exchange. This is accomplished by means of the WorkflowChanges class which we ll deal with quite a lot in this work.

NET host process e.

Bekijk en vergelijk alle verkopers. In combination with ON UPDATE triggers or features such as computed columns, one could calculate various patient metrics on the fly when data is altered in the database, offloading this responsibility from agents.


This would allow for cumulative timings where the timer is started and stopped on various places, while the result is only reported once when the activity is told to do so by means of the action parameter. Tracking Services [3] allow inspection of a workflow in flight by relying on events that are raised by workflow instances.

SAP NetWeaver For Dummies

The term composition can be explained by analogy with puzzling. Samenvatting SAP ERP modules are notoriously hard to configure and use effectively without a lot of practice and experience.

An example of such a workflow is depicted in Figure 3. Also, if one would like to trigger processing for an individual patient on another timely basis or in an ad-hoc fashion, the former approach won t help out.

Summary De praktijk van SAP ERP en IDES – Study Smart

However, if a change of the dataflow for individual workflow instances still makes sense after thorough inspection, one should be extremely cautious to wire up all activities correctly. The explicitness of a visual representation of a workflow is turned into some dark piece of code, which makes it less approachable by management people, not to speak about the problem of code maintenance especially when code is shared amongst developers. Generic building blocks allow for easy composition of pretty complex data-driven workflows, while having the potential to raise the performance bar.

These protocols include amongst others TCP. Because of this, workflows greatly benefit from some kind of chatty database communication, to assist in boosting a workflow s readability Chunky When employing chunky communication, each query results in a chunk of data that s mostly filtered on the database side and that has high relevance. That is, a workflow instance doesn t have any binding to the host it was created on, hence enabling another host to resume its processing.

The current AB Switch agent relies on quite some ad-hoc queries, as the ones displayed in Code It s built around key concepts of service and data contracts and has a high amount of code-less XML-based configuration support.

For non-instrumented workflow instances, it s possible to perform an update right away using the external modification methodologies described earlier in this chapter. It should be noted that the former technology is natively supported by WF today, by means of various activities in the WF toolbox that help to accept web service calls, take the input and send back output or faults. The reporting interface is shown in code fragment Code 35 and is pretty straightforward. However, philosophically one could argue that the level of abstraction that WF enables is one floor higher than the abstraction and encapsulation level in the world of OO.


An example of a state machine workflow is shown in Figure 4. However, this is often not enough to accomplish the required level of flexibility since the positions of activities in the tree are often not known upfront. In such a scenario, adding fault handlers in the workflow definition perfectly makes sense. Nilson Tim Rhodes SAP can help you capture better information and deliver it more quickly, allowing you to make better decisions and maximize the business value of everything you do.

What students say about Stuvia. Everything you need to know about selling on Stuvia. WF doesn t support a direct mapping of this structure because of its tree-based workflow nature.

The instrumentation process can be driven by a wide variety of decision logic e. With their assistance, you can become well prepared and can avoid having to retake exams. Two extremes are chatty and chunky communication.

Dynamic and generic workflows – PDF

It was found that various shapes of dynamic adaptation have non-trivial costs associated with them, especially in case ad-hoc updates are applied to a running workflow. Register “Age”, typeof inttypeof agechecker ; public string FirstName get return string this. Since WF is based on object-oriented design under the covers, concepts like exception vann shine through to the world of WF.

Measurement of service times can be accomplished by adding a measurement scope to the workflow instance, i.

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