Hello everyone, and welcome back to the very last re-read *tear* of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books. This week we’re recapping. Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, book 12) by Charlaine Harris – book cover, description, publication history. In the penultimate novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Sookie Stackhouse must work with her first love to clear her current undead flame.

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The book was basically divided into two parts. Stwckhouse come down into my daytime resting place stark naked,” he said, and I could see the gleam of his teeth as he smiled.

A Touch of Dead. Her great-great-grandfather freaks her out, she describes him as both creepy and scary, she saw him no more than five times total, and yet she insists that she loves him. I must tread carefully because this series is becoming as thin as the ice on a newly frozen lake.

This talk was foreshadowing the future, basically, of book thirteen.

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris | : Books

Even Bill, who I never liked, seems to have lost what little spark he had. Nov 10, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: It went rapidly downhill from there. View all 11 comments. I never thought outside of the book about the witchs’ spell that he could soo,ie so dumb. I have to deavlocked I was pleased to see the back of view spoiler [ Jannalynn hide spoiler ] but on the romance front it seems that view spoiler [ Eric will abandon Sookie to go off with the queen.

Apr 13, Allison rated it did not like it.

Especially if he was the Queen’s consort. I don’t wanna ruin it for the people who haven’t read it, but those who have know it. A lot of things happened, true, but if I were to count moments of excitement I would come up with 3 that stick out in my mind, and that includes the ending.


I am so sick of the werewolf shit.

I just want to know what deadlkcked of this is leading up to instead of it being just another chapter in the life of Sookie Stackhouse. I will be reading this to the end, I hate giving up projects. She has spent the past few books destroying both Alcide’s and Eric’s characters.

Nah, it’s not that bad. This site uses cookies.

The fae storyline was wrapped up while leaving many things unanswered and choppy. Learn how your comment data is processed. Everyone knows that Charlaine Harris books are not serious works of fiction, I don’t expect them to blow me away with their awesomeness.

The plot was dull and predictable and it also harriz me of plots from the previous books.

soojie Sometimes the story arc is done and it has to be ended. I thought that was an interesting beginning, but no.

And on that score, Deadlock is the last nail in that coffin.

Worst of all, the excitement of spinning something new begins to fade. Sep 06, Ruth rated it liked it Shelves: When Sookie sees Eric all over another girl she excuses Eric’s behaviour and puts all the blame on the girl. I will be reading the next installment but only because it’s the last in the series and I hate to leave things unfinished when I’m this close to the end. Well, knock me over with a feather! I never thought Eric would be boring! I miss Eric wearing leather, Sookie running from potential kidnappers and hiding in Bill’s hidey hole–naked.

But i agree after 9 they r not as good.


Pam was a shadow of her former self – what happened to her humour, charm and attitude?! Oh wait, I know, it must have been the dissolving of the single relationship that has had stackhpuse vast majority of her readers coming back for more.


What a complete cow – what kind of person would want a friend to be unhappy just because they were?! Harris is still out to seduce me. Does CH think I slog through these for the descriptions of her grandmother’s sweet potato casserole recipe?

As for the humans in Sookie’s life, they are all moving forward, Sookie’s brother Jason has a serious girlfriend, Tara is uber pregnant, Halleigh is having her baby.

I can understand her reasoning for wanting Eric as her consort. Honestly, I think CH is crushing these books because she’s mad at the bloggers who’ve ripped her a new one over the past two years, one. And I am sad about it, sad that I invested so much money and time in to this series and author often buying both the ebook and then the audio book. At least now I have the recipe. I couldn’t give a shit less if she shaved her legs or not.

Up until now, we have not had a reason to seriously dislike de Castro. Throne of Glass Series in Order: It isn’t revolutionary, but that’s not what you’re looking for when you read a Sookie Stackhouse novel: There was relatively zero Eric, and what was there became horribly flat.

Should Sookie settle for less like Tara, who married JB because she wanted kids and he loved her? Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Not nearly enough Eric Northman.

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