In her book Decoding the Heavens, Jo Marchant tells the story of an ancient Greek artefact called the Antikythera mechanism. It was discovered. Roman Aqueducts and Water Supply by A. Trevor Hodge The Riddle of the Labyrinth by Margalit Fox Decoding the Heavens by Jo Marchant A LM IA Ceramic. We all know about the ancient Greeks’ abilities in art and philosophy, but, as this enlightening book tells us, they also made the world’s first.

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‘Decoding the Heavens’ by Jo Marchant – LA Times

In Decoding the HeavensJo Marchant details for the first time the hundred-year quest to decode this ancient computer. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Definately an interesting book in what it contains rather than the book itself. English Choose a language for shopping. Along the way she unearths a diverse cast of remarkable characters — ranging from Archimedes to Jacques Cousteau — and explores the deep roots of modern technology not only in ancient Greece but in the Islamic world and medieval Europe too.

Another of my bargain dollar books, I was expecting more of a “aliens” and “Nostradamus” style book. When it got into the deep math, I was unable to follow this information but could skip past a paragraph or two without losing much.

Unmatched in complexity for a thousand years, the mechanism functioned as the world’s first thf computer, calculating the movements of the sun, moon, and planets through the zodiac. Open Preview See a Problem? Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Preview — Decoding the Heavens by Jo Marchant. To see what hravens friends thought of this book, please sign up. And also predicts eclipses – out to 26, years. Mar 26, Andrew rated it it was amazing. We will likely never know for sure but speculation sure is fun.

Ultimately, the determination of what the device fhe wasn’t as important to the enjoyment of the book as the interesting look at the gentlemen who attempted to solve the device.


Decoding The Heavens | Jo Marchant | Home

Jan 30, Rj rated it really liked it. The final This book was wonderful, although somewhat slow to start.

Page 1 of 1 Start jeavens Page 1 of 1. Is it the crypt of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings, whose grandeur dwarfs the modest resting place of Tutankhamen? In the end it turns out that this sophisticated hravens driven mechanical device was akin to a modern celestial clock that provided details about the movements of celestial bodies.

Jun 03, Johanna rated it it was amazing. I daresay this book is rereadable. But what about the ruins of Palenque or Great Zimbabwe? Trivia About Decoding the Heav See 1 question about Decoding the Heavens…. Successive teams of competing researchers have added to knowledge of one of the first known astronomical computers: Makes for fascinating reading.

It wasn’t horrible, not by any means, but it wasn’t the most fun part of the book. Decoding the Heavens by Jo Marchant is the kind of book that would meet the math and science reading requirement in our homeschool high school. Author Jo Marchant has created a book that makes the “Indiana Jones” adventure movies seem boring!

It was ancient clockwork, unmatched in complexity for years – but who could have made it, and what was it for? Marchant studies what is now heaveens as the “Antikythera mechanism”, a remarkable archaeological find dating back to BC. It completely upends centuries of research that has assumed that the Greeks, apart from a handful of scholars such as Euclid, Archimedes and Aristarchus, were relatively backward scientifically. Don’t know, but it was a bit jarring.

I still don’t understand the mechanics and wherefores of the device there aren’t many picturesbut perhaps one day I’ll see a working model. However, since neither the alien explanation nor the biblical one fits in with the general paradigm of our age, the whole issue of anomalous technological artifacts and abilities is often ignored by scholars.

After more than a century of on-again, off-again study, scholars finally in concluded that it is an extremely sophisticated astronomical comp This is a combination Roman-era mxrchant work, archaeological study, mathematical analysis, and detective novel, all rolled into one — but maechant more engagingly than any book of history, archaeology, math or forensic analysis.


At its heart, this is an epic adventure story, a book that challenges our assumptions about technology development through the ages while giving us fresh insights into history itself.

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Arounda major find is found near Antikythera during a sponge search; for a long time, it is being searched by Greeks who are recently, and not completely, independent and proud about it. LA Times A dizzyingly brilliant thing Cousteau’s team, diving the wreck indid not have the equipment to examine the crevasse.

A very interesting read. Once you start reading this book it is very hard to put it down. I don’t see how anyone can be okay with that, it is completely absurd. The mechanism will be studied, argued about, and hopefully one day there will be the technology and the money to examine the tye for other pieces that can reveal more puzzle answers.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. A 2, year old computer and the century long search to discover its secrets Da Capo Press, The mechanism gives an insight into the possibilities that might have existed, and also totally changed the way that I saw the ancient world. Along the way there are stories of the jealousy and competition of scientists trying to unravel the origin and use of this device.

Also, I found the last chapter, surprisingly, I was quite pleasantly surprised with this book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, the technology is still in its infancy: Feb 08, jeremy rated it really liked it Shelves: Please see my blog for further remarks: Sep 04, Victor Sonkin rated it it was amazing Shelves:

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