Aula 8 – Inventario Florestal – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. AULA 2 – PRODUCAO DE MUDAS FLORESTAIS – VIVEIROS E METODOS DE PROPAGACAO (1).pdf Aula 10 – Dendrometria – Diametro. *5= B Dendrometria e inventario florestal, *5= B Dendrometria e inventario florestal, *5= B Dendrometria e inventario. DENDROMETRIA “O Conhecimento é uma extensão da aquisição e do DA DENDROMETRIA DENDROMETRIA INVENTÁRIO MANEJO FLORESTAL NÍVEIS.

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To investigate possible influences on the production of latex and cernambi, the following variables were measured: The average productivity per diameter class and the average monthly productivity were measured. In each scenario, revenue and cost streams will be isolated and evaluated from the simultaneous application of project evaluation methods.

The t test detected a significant difference in DBH, total height and height of the bole of the rubber trees between the inventories of and and, in general, there were no problems of plant health.

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An investment risk analysis will also be performed in Florextal software, where the economic performance information of the three scenarios will be used. As for the profit estimate, the commercialization of the production will be considered in three scenarios: The inventrii, rubber trees were inventoried in and 2, in The correlation, through the Pearson coefficient, of the diameter, shell thickness, formal canopy and sociological position will be calculated with the production of latex and cernambi.

Pearson correlation analysis and regression analysis were used to verify the relationship between the morphometric variables florsetal the competition indexes with the dehdrometria in diameter. To carry out the financial analysis of the production of latex and cernambi, an economic viability analysis will be carried out to reactivate the rubber plantations, where the total costs and the production in tons with the activity will be evaluated. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the silvicultural situation, the growth, the production potential and to conduct a financial analysis of the production of latex and cernambi in the deactivated rubber plantations.

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The collection of latex occurred from January to September, dendromwtria However, there are two large planted rubber plantations called Terra Rica and Seringal do Ponte where the population aroused interest in producing natural rubber, but due to the lack of knowledge about productive capacity, the plantations are deactivated. The correlation of the diameter with the shell thickness will also be evaluated.

As a function of the higher correlation variable, the modeling of the latex and cernambi production will be done, using the stepwise method, as well as the CurveExpert 2.

In this context, the need arose to investigate the feasibility of the revitalization of the rubber plantations in order to restructure the activity, making the extraction of latex a working alternative to the traditional population.

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