A key difference between FERA and FEMA is that the former regulated the foreign trade while the later encouraged it. DIFFERENCES. CHANGES / PROGRESSION FROM FERA TO FEMA – A STEP AHEAD. Similarities. The similarities between FERA and FEMA are as follows. Difference between FERA and FEMA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and Foreign Exchange Management Act). Article shared by. FERA (Foreign Exchange.

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However, FEMA is a compoundable violation where the accused can choose to agree with the accused and drop the charges. The laws has develop to be crucial to its administration of overseas instead of its own regulation. Get New Comparisons in your inbox: The act is so elaborate and exhaustive such that it covers all citizens of India who are living inside or outside India. Withdrawal of Foreign Exchange. The main purpose with the monthly bill was supposed to unite and amend the action vulnerable to ffera having the principle to how straight-forward the advancement of outdoors funds and trades in compliance with beyween the preservation and enhancement of overseas alternative current market in India.

Difference between Plant Vacuole and Animal Vacuole. Leave a Response Cancel Reply Name required. On the other hand, despite being an improvement of FERA, which feka that it also covers payments and facilitation of foreign exchange activities, FEMA has a specific role of ensuring that external trade and payments are correctly executed.

Main Features of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)

FEMA is considered to be a flexible act that incorporates other measures towards the management and control of the foreign exchange market. This is exactly the reason why betweeh conversation will likely be found inside the subsequent hints to complicated their own meaning and forms. Moreover, any agency that is managed by a resident of India is also subjected to requirements of FEMA.


There is no need to resubmit your comment. FEMA has the responsibility of ensuring that there is the orderly management of foreign exchange market in the country.

Differences Between FERA and FEMA | Difference Between | FERA vs FEMA

FEMA had become the need of the hour to support the pro- liberalisation policies of the Government of India. However, the Central Government may, in public interest in consultation with the Reserve Bank impose such reasonable restrictions for current account transactions as may be prescribed.

This activity directly referred into the capacities of multi national businesses working in India. It had a controversial 27 years stint during which many bosses of the Indian corporate world found themselves at the mercy of the Enforcement Directorate. Moreover, any offence under FERA was a criminal offence liable to imprisonment.

If anyone found guilty of FERA violation; there was a provision of punishment directly. On the other hand, contravening the provisions of FERA results to jail term with no requirement of monetary charges.

For FERA, the citizenship of a person is the basis for fem the residential status of the person. Under FERA, only “citizenship” was a criterion to conclude the residential status of a person.

It aimed at conserving foreign currency and its optimum utilisation for the development of the economy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. A person has to obtain permission of RBI with regard to transfer of funds related to external operations. It came into force on June 1, Check out this article to know more differences between the two acts.

Difference Between FERA and FEMA (with Comparison Chart) – Key Differences

Your email address didference not be published. It aimed at conserving foreign exchange and its optimum utilisation in the development of the economy.

How to pass your CA final exams in first attempt – Here’re some tips for your CA final exam preparation. Therefore a person who qualifies to be gema non-resident under the income Tax Act, will also be considered a non-resident for the purposes of application of FEMA, but a person who is considered to be non-resident under FEMA may not necessarily be a non-resident under the Income Tax Act, for instance a business man going abroad and staying therefore a period of days or more in a financial year will become a non-resident under FEMA.


It ended up being a prerequisite in FERA to collect the consent of RBI with respect to this reversal of capital relating outside surgeries is possibly possible. FERA is a non-compoundable offense, which means that the complainant cannot enter into a compromise and drop the case against the accused.

Fine or imprisonment if the person difference not deposit the prescribed penalty within 90 days from the date of conviction. FEMA has also by and large removed the restrictions on transactions in foreign Exchange on account of trade in goods, services except for retaining certain enabling provisions for the Central Government to impose betweeen restriction in public interest.

The main purpose of FERA was going to protect and deterrence of mishandling of overseas alternative. For a person to be subjected to the provisions of foreign exchange management act, he or she must stay in India for more than six differencs.

The Scope and Objective of FEMA was mainly to amend the laws related to foreign exchangeto facilitate external trade and payments and to develop the foreign exchange market in India. FEMA is much simple, and consist of only 49 sections. New Challenges before the Monetary Authority of India. FERA conferred wide powers on a police officer not below the rank of a Deputy Superintendent of Police to make a search.

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