We at DigiTech® are very proud of our products and back up each one we sell .. The Looper in the JamMan Delay Looper offers true stereo looping with Digitech JAMMAN DELAY LOOPER PHRASE SAMPLER Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech JAMMAN DELAY LOOPER PHRASE SAMPLER. View and Download DIGITECH JAMMAN owner’s manual online. JAMMAN DJ Connect the JamMan Delay’s to the input of an Left (Mono) oUt amplifier. 2.

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Quick Start – Delay 3. Signals are heard at both outputs when only the Left Mono jack is used. Guided Tour – Digigech Panel loop memory location.

This indicates that the changes will be lost unless a store procedure is performed before selecting a new loop memory location, turning off the power. You initiate recording, play, and then set the loop point when you reach the end of your passage. Quick Start – Looper 5.

Page 57 Setting a Loop Tempo for Recording Your first thought upon seeing the Digitech JamMan Delay is its monstrous size. No looping improvement on the JamMan Stereoand fairly standard delay features. Your local digitech sales and service office or harman music Group If you want to dispose this product, do not mix it with general household waste.

Page 47 Recording Overdubs Undo, Redo, and Clear You can undo or redo an overdub anytime you remain in the current memory where the overdub was recorded. Quite aside from that, try setting a tap tempo accurately in a switch that requires a positive mechanical click versus using a standard spring-loaded momentary switch.


Pong sees the echoes oscillate between the left and right speaker, and reversed delays are played backwards. Nope, no XLR mic input. Can this looper run on batteries? Log in Become a member. Setting a Loop Tempo for Recording Before you begin recording a phrase, you may want to set a tempo at which you want to record the loop at.

Jamman – rev Significant design flaw IMHO. The Manual is provided in English, but you would find in french on the Digitech site also Not tested editing of sound, I’m using it mainly jqmman the live or repeated Page 63 Rhythm Type The majority of the pedal is taken up by the footswitches, which endears the unit to live musicians.

Once a phrase has been recorded, Time Signature cannot be changed. Press and hold this button for 2 manuaal to enable or disable this feature.

Digitech Jamman Delay Looper/Phrase Sampler Review

Recording Overdubs Once a loop phrase is recorded, you can add overdubs over the top of it. Page 22 This button mutes the dry signal path through the JamMan Delay. Page 31 Signal Path I recently purchased a Digitech Jamman Stereo the new four-switch version on the strength of functionality reviews. The time-stretching and quantize features are still firmly in place on the Jamman Delay. Page 41 Using an Expression Pedal – Delay On the other hand, if you do want to experiment with looping and delays together, the Digitech Jamman Delay is a perfect combination, executed gracefully with wide-ranging functionality.



Got it, continue to print. The biggest achievement of the JamMan Delay is the ability to use delays with loops and put them together in perfect time. Page 19 Controls the level of the Rhythm guide track. Hello, Thankyou for the review! The Tempo footswitch is used to modify the delay time by tapping in the desired delay manuual. Specifications are therefore subject to change without notice.

The panel of controls at the top of the unit houses a variety of dials and buttons to perform more technical functions. Thankfully, Digitech is one step ahead, and you can actually synch the delay time with the loop time dslay the footswitches.

While the digital and analog for the delay Extensive connection!

Overall, unless you are getting into some serious combining of looping and delay effects which sounds pretty cool by the wayyou could probably buy a less expensive looper and possibly a separate delay pedal.

Page 35 Storing and Recalling Delay Settings Adjust the knobs as needed. Right Input Connect a second input to this jack for stereo operation. Setting the tempo in an empty loop memory location automatically starts playing the rhythm guide track Rhythm Level must rigitech turned up to hear the guide track.

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