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Buy DIN FURNITURE – DESIGNATIONS AND THEIR USE from SAI Global. Language: German. Written by: DIN. International title: Furniture – Designations and their use. Article no: STD Edition: Approved: 4/1/ DIN – Amendments. Replaces DIN Loading recommended items Loading recommended items Loading recommended.

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Patent leather can be so termed, even if the surface layer is thicker than 0,15 mm. January Number of pages: As each country has different declaration rules, we believe some basics should be taken into account in all countries to assure that the use of the word “leather” is not meaningless.

DIN EN only allows the term “split leather”. These materials are then advertised as “leather-like” and supported by numerous arguments. Caution the offer 1 user is reserved for a single user, any broadcast even within his company is prohibited. In a lot of countries, leather that has a surface coating or surface layer thicker than 0,15 mm, has to be declared as ” Coated Leather ” irrespective of the way the coating was applied.


Genuine leather or artificial leather? Furniture – Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for non-domestic seating – Mobilier.

This rule does not apply to automotive leather. But this material does not have the benefits of leather and is forbidden to be sold as “leather”. An extreme example of false declaration.

It can be produced from different animal species. The declaration of split leather is different in almost every country and, in most cases, with a lot of contradictions. Often such descriptions are in English, even if the national language is not.

Leather – – The Leather Dictionary

The surfaces of leather objects relevant to their use must consist predominantly of genuine leatheror may otherwise not be so described. Film coating with split leather. Products by Type Machine Tool Gauges. Some producers of furniture offer an artificial leather with leather fibres glued to the reverse. It is beyond dispute that split leather is not of the same quality as grain side split.

Furniture – Designations and their use

Test yourself or your business online. Technical Resources Instruction Manuals. In countries like France the rules are much stricter.

Otherwise, external and internal materials must be declared separately. The tanning process prevents the decay of animal skin. The consumer will then acquire, in good faith, a quality full leather trim with the associated extra costs only to receive partially coated split leather.


Leather clothing and leather shoes are almost exclusively 68871 nowadays.

Today tanners offer endless types of leather with different leather surfaces and colours. Chrome III is harmless and occurs 6887 many food sources. Option to visualize changes at a glance. This means that the spindle can pull away from the tool changer before tool clamping takes place a key feature when fast tool change time is needed.

It is also resistant to ageing and extreme temperatures.

The leather is then like a low-grade wood veneered with exotic wood. But norms and regulations help in case of 6871 and are cited by experts in legal disputes. Cow leathersheep leathergoatskin or pig leather are the most common. The most common kind of tanning is chrome tanning.

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