Gonadal dysgenesis is classified as any congenital developmental disorder of the reproductive system in the male or female. It is the defective development of. English Spanish online dictionary Term Bank, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. El síndrome de Swyer-James es un desorden de los cromosomas sexuales y la diferenciación sexual caracterizado por una disgenesia gonadal pura 46 XY en.

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Management should include hormone replacement therapy.

Obst Gynecol Surv ; The pregnancy outcome of Turner syndrome: Frequency of abnormal karyotypes in relation to the ascertainment method in females referred for suspected sex chromosome abnormality.

The differential diagnosis should include other causes of POF, as well as 46,XY complete gonadal dysgenesis see these terms.

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Nevertheless, two of them were excluded from the study, because of incomplete data in their patient’s chart. A syndrome of pseudohermaphroditism, Wilms tumour, hypertension and degenerative renal disease. Congenital disorders of female genital organs Intersex and medicine. Gonadal streaks replace the tissues of the testes, resembling ovarian stroma absent of follicles.

Mutations in the CBX2 gene have been rarely reported, namely in a patient with development of ovarian tissue despite 46,XY karyotype. Only comments written in English can be processed.

The degree of development of disyenesia male reproductive tract is determined by the ratio of germ line cells expressing the XY genotype.


The etiology in 77 primary amenorrhea patients. A novel missense mutation S18N in the 5′ non-HMG box region of the SRY gene in a patient with partial gonadal dysgenesis and his normal male relatives.

Clin Endocrinol Oxf ; Differential diagnosis The differential diagnosis should include other causes of POF, as well as 46,XY complete gonadal dysgenesis see these terms. Disgenesias gonadais e tumores: Although the underlying etiology remains unknown in most cases, several genes have been implicated including homozygous or compound heterozygous inactivating mutations of the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor gene FSHR ; 2pp16mutations in the BMP15 gene Xp Summary and related texts.

Endocrine Surgery in Children.

Gonadal dysgenesis and tumors: genetic and clinical features

Nat Genet ; Systemic arterial hypertension was only diagnosed in the patient with 17 alpha-hydroxylase deficiency, and gonadal malignization, in the one with XY PGD.

Chromosomes and disgeenesia gynecologist. Prog Med Genet ;9: Ovarian function in Turner syndrome: Although the etiology is not completely understood, 46,XY CGD results from failure of testicular development due to disruption of the underlying genetic pathways and several genes have been implicated: Molecular analysis in Turner syndrome.

Gonadal tumors in disorders of sexual differentiation. Am J Obstet Gynecol. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Among them, 21 A forma com surdez foi descrita por Perrault e col. A variety of hermaphroditism.

disgenesia gonadal pura

Possible associated health issues e. Monosomy Turner syndrome 45,X. Nat Immun Cell Growth Regul ; Uma das pacientes apresentou, ainda, um tumor de estroma gonadal. Fraiser syndrome, part of the Denys-Drash continuum or simply a WT1 gene associated disorder of intersex and nephropaty?


Fluorescence in situ hybridisation analysis and ovarian histology of women with Turner syndrome presenting with Y-chromosomal material: Although Y-specific sequences are seldom cytogenetically evident, dysgenetic gonads are potentially prone to developing tumors.

Epidemiological, endocrine and metabolic features in Turner syndrome. Summary and related texts. Psychological support should also be offered to patients and their families. Nat Genet ;4: EmHanson e cols.

gonafal As they are not metastatic tumors and may be eradicated by selective excisions, the importance of detecting Y-sequences by molecular sensitized techniques is stressed in order to indicate prophylactic gonadectomy. Calcium and vitamin D supplements may also be proposed.

Orphanet: Disgenesia gonadal pura 46 XY

Pediatric Endocrinology 4th ed. Genetic counseling Although some cases of 46,XY CGD occur sporadically, genetic counseling may be offered to affected families and should be adapted depending on the mode of inheritance associated with the genetic anomaly identified. Am J Med Genet ; Pediatr Adolesc Endocrinol ;8: Gonadal disgenesoa arises from the failure of signalling in this tightly regulated process during early foetal development.

Male pseudohermaphroditism due to hydroxylase deficiency.

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