filetype: you only want Microsoft Word documents, filetype:doc . Google’s and Clusty’s Basic Searches and Dogpile’s Advanced Search were. Google screen with search text as follows: filetype:ppt quote math curriculum Dogpile is one of the metasearch engines and can be accessed by going to. Accepts Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, and limiting by “filetype:” and Dogpile Searches Google, Yahoo, Bing, and.

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Google also has a built-in dictionary. Crawler and tabs for images, video, etc.

In this dynamic environment, search engines can be the most efficient way of locating information on a specific topic since they provide access to immense, continuously updated databases fipetype Internet resources. This process can be much faster than querying several search engines separately. In Google, by preceding your search terms with “filetype: See the following examples:. Therefore, it is a good idea to capitalize any Boolean operator.

Google “binge drinking” site: If you want to search for the search words only in the title, enter intitle: It would be difficult to state categorically that one of the previous searches was best.

For each search engine, the new top 20 sites were different from the top 20 sites retrieved in the first search.

DogPile Searce Engine by Jessica Pugh on Prezi

EndNote Endnote is the standard tool used by millions of researchers for collecting, organizing and formatting references.

Google’s size, uncluttered interface, and fast searching have made it dovpile the most popular search engine. Some search engines allow you to limit your search to specified fields, such as the title of the document, a word from the URL, the domain name, the type of file, and the availability of such features as images, sound, and video. The next table demonstrates how these techniques can be combined to create effective search statements.


Each search engine has its own search interface and uses different criteria for matching searches with documents. To search directories, one clicks fileetype a hierarchical filetyppe of hyperlinks. This technique is called nesting. Here is an explanation of how Google returns their results.

Search Tools

Current events from newspapers, current issues of magazines, and news wire feeds Corporate information, including annual reports, product information, and stock quotes Government information such as current laws, regulations, court decisions, and information from local, state, and federal government departments and agencies Ready reference material, including dictionaries, some encyclopedias, statistical sources and other quick answer sources, such as: When you use a search engine, you are searching the database compiled and indexed by the spider.

Do you know how they compare, I am so used to googling for anything and everything that I would have to have good reason to make a shift. For each Dogpile and Clusty site listed, there is a message letting you know from which major search engines these results were obtained.

To understand how Dogpile selects the listings click on “View Demo” and watch the multimedia presentation. Then the search engine compiles a list of websites that contain these terms.


SurfWax also uses a site’s existing search filetupe as part of the meta-search process to tap the deep Web. Ann also provides guest blogging services.

dogpil What are the consequences of binge drinking by college students? Some search engines sell commercial spots on the results list so that the buyer’s page is near the top as if it was one of the best results according to a link analysis.

In the “Case Studies” section of this presentation “Case Study 2” is an example showing how to use one of these specialty search engines.

Search Techniques

Many search engines throw out small or insignificant search terms and single digits. To get started, you can choose to use the highly-rated Pluck RSS reader.

They use proprietary algorithms to interpret the site’s search criteria Boolean, etc. Free Resources Available Via the Web. Ask Jeeves-crawler or Google-crawler. Search Filetjpe Overview This section will discuss various tools that help make researching more productive on both the surface Web and the deep Web.

For example, to find a database containing information on viruses use this search term exact syntax may vary among search engines: Google even looks at font size and boldness to help determine relevancy. FuzzFind or outlining the results on a map showing the links between different search engines Langreiter.

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