This is the first volume in the series of novels Doris Lessing calls collectively Canopus in Argos: Archives. Presented as a compilation of documents, reports. Jul 22, Shikasta, the first in what would become five science fiction novels by Doris Lessing, begins with a journey in to the pre-history of the planet. Nov 18, Doris Lessing takes risks, but does not play games. One does not turn to her books for humor or wit or playfulness, nor will one find in them any.

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What I did take away from the book this time, however, is the thought that Lessing didn’t, at the time, have much faith shiaksta us humans, in our societies.

What she is evoking here is the Oneness, our inherent inter-connectedness, the fact that beneath all our differences in form, we are One.

Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta by Doris Lessing

The second problem with this book is that it thinks it is being clever when it is really not being very clever at all. She went to England in and has lived there ever since. This is not the first book of Doris Lessing’s to succeed, sometimes brilliantly, in spite of the author’s manifest intentions. The science fiction element seems unnecessary, the book would have worked as well, or even better, if the fantastical element was dropped. Two examples will illustrate her approach.

The book presents itself as ‘documents relating to visit by Johor May 31, Kersplebedeb rated it liked it Recommends it for: In Shikasta, Lessing challenges us to consider that we may be both. Doris Lessing’s satire has never been sharper, particularly of neo-Marxist jargon and the pretentions of the powerful. Our modern technological narrative is one of progress. It just didn’t work for me.


Re, Colonised Planet 5 Vintage International. But it was the Canopus in Argus sequence, identified by Lessing as her most important work, that the Nobel committee recognised when describing their author as “the epicist of the female experience”.

He often speaks of being ‘affected’ by ’emanations’ and circumstances on Shikasta, and ‘The Archivists’ who narrate the various extracts from Canopean official documents comment on Johor’s judgement. While she was still a child in Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe he often used to gaze up at the night sky and say, “Makes you think — there are so many worlds up there, wouldn’t really matter if we did blow ourselves up — plenty more where we came from.

The book is presented in the form of a series of reports by Canopean emissaries to Shikasta who document the planet’s prehistoryits degeneration leading to the “Century of Destruction” the 20th centuryand the Apocalypse World War III. I’ve read some critics’s reviews of Shikasta which suggest that the book is different from most science fiction in that it has well developed characters and a deeply meaningful plot.

Fantastic Lessing

It was her first visit since being forcibly removed in for her political views. A white woman who grew up in Zimbabwe back when it was Rhodesia become a nobel laureate in literature last year. Lessing’s ‘Canopus in Argos’ series are captivating tales that can open our leszing minds to a profound understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It’s a rather old book, but, still, I’ll use the spoiler alert since what I’m going to say reveals something not that far from the end. Some scholars devalue stories from various mythological traditions on the grounds that they are half-remembered or exaggerated accounts of historical events.

Summer voyages: Shikasta Re: Colonised Planet 5 by Doris Lessing

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I persisted, finishing the thing. These will develop into hundreds, then thousands of languages and dialects. The “sci” in this sci fi is on the light side.

Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta

The concept of blackness related to a specific people is anything more than a convenient aesthetic excuse utilized for commercial purposes whose convenience has evolved alongside its evolving antithesis of whiteness: It incorporates Shikasta into the Lock, a network of emanations, a cosmic dance a radiation of SOWF, the “substance-of-we-feeling” that holds the Canopean empire together, doing good.

In Shikasta this same event is depicted as a planet-wide conference, secretly organized by the evil Shammat. See all 45 reviews.

Jan 31, Nathan Titus rated it really liked it Shelves: Shikasta, the name that Canopus gave to our planet, means the stricken one. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. That is not to say I do not have the right, as we all have, to say, Enough! I think even pro-choice people would cringe shikwsta lauding someone who “had three abortions, because the men did not seem to her to be originallyenough minted from the human stock to make their progeny worthwhile”.

It does these things while breaking and rebuilding the form of the novel. I doubt the lady Lessing, who is both Sphinx and Seer, will ever tell! All of Lessing’s strengths are displayed here An unexpected astronomical catastrophe and invaders from the evil empire Shammat caused an lessinf degeneration in the natives that nearly destroyed the planet. I liked this book, despite how difficult it was to read.

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