Download Dua e Qadah App apk for Android. In this App you will find dua e qadah in urdu language. Dua Qadah Muazzam wazifa – Benefits of Dua Qadah Muazzam This Dua is so Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Whoever recites Ayat Al-Kursi immediately. HAZARAT, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE MERITS OF DUA E QADAH, AND WANT TO HAVE WAZIFA FOR TO HAVE A OBIDIENT,NAIK,ALLAH KA RAH.

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Benefits of Durood Lakhi. Quranic Surahs Names with Meanings. February 7, at 6: The recitor’s of this Dua poverty is removed and debt will be cleared miraculously. Wa la haula wa la Quwata illa billahil aaliyil azeemm.

Looking desperately for the meaning of this dua!!! October 17, at qqadah Mashallah this dua is very nice. O the all Merciful O the all Merciful Bless me with pilgrimage of Yours Prophet in dream which i expect from Youand honour me with forgivenesscertainly You are Omnipotent on all and no one has courage and power except AllahWho is the HighestThe Greatest O AllahO GraciousO BenfactorThe Lord of Majesty and bountyi testify that all deities except You are falsei beleive that there is no Deity except Yoube please with me O Lordand save me from torment of fireand releive me from Your punishment.


Benefits of Dua Qadah Muazzam ~ Qurani Duas

July 17, at 9: June 2, at 8: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. June 16, at 3: The recitor’s of dha Dua poverty is removed and debt will be cleared miraculously.

Biography of Prophet Muhammad. Durood e Tunajjina Benefits. Illahee antal lazee qulta.

August 21, at 8: Can you tell me which kitab i can find it in. Knowing of Defects, Remover of greifs, You are One for whom is the prostration, darkness of night and light of day and radiant of moon, and rays of sun and noise of flowing waterhidingness of trees is for You, O ALlah there is nothing paralell to You ,You are Omnipotent on all things, and You know all open or hidden which is in our breastsO Allah you forgive the sins in which we are being caught, O LOrd You are One Whose Words are.


Brother will you be able to send me a copy.

Dua e Qadah App

Dear friend, Sorry for the late reply i m busy in my exams. Wa Alaikum us salam, Sister i am also searching the translation of this sua.

Thank you very much for taking the time to scan and put it online. The Most Merciful who is above The Throne established. Allahu laa illaha illa huwa lahu’l asmaa’oul husna. Waqas Ur Rehman Kamboh says: My email address is mavishhusnain hotmail.

I Email to you these dua copies. This site uses cookies.

Home View mobile version. Fasting during Ramadan was ordained during the second year of Hijrah. Illahee antal lazee qulta. I will be waiting for you. Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem In duw name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful There are 29 verses in this su May 27, at 1:

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