Product Brand & Model: Dynaudio MWGT Condition of all items: Great working condition, 8/10 visually – Both have a scratch on the cone. Speaker Dynaudio MWGT. General specifications: diameter 6 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self resonance Fs= Used Dynaudio MW Loudspeaker drivers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark Midwoofer altoparlanti Dynaudio mwgt Italy.

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Accessori altoparlanti Griglie altoparlanti Kit riconatura – riparazione altoparlanti Supporti altoparlanti. dynaaudio

Nome prodotto:

Dimensione Altoparlante mm. Got a smoking deal on some new mids to try out. Tipologia Woofer e midwoofer. Subwoofer Subwoofer Subwoofer amplificati Subwoofer in cassa.

The use of Dynaudio’s large diameter aluminium voice-coils increases thermal handling capabilities tremendously, allowing the drivers to operate within an ideal temperature range, even at high continuous power levels and during powerful music transients. Options Quote message in reply? Prezzo riferito a singolo pezzo IVA inclusa.

Componentistica per autocostruzione hi-fi Kit Costruzione Box Diffusori Anelli eynaudio legno Attenuatori di segnale Attuatori lineari Basette crossover Clip e spike Condensatori NP Connettori e terminali Fibra di vetro, carbonio, poliestere Induttanze Moquette e materiali di rivestimento Nastri e accessori di fissaggio Resine epossidiche e stucchi Resistenze Tela acustica Tubi reflex Vaschette contatti.


Fai una domanda sul prodotto. Insonorizzanti, smorzanti e accessori Smorzanti e isolanti termici Accessori professionali. Stampa la scheda prodotto.

Very detailed sound as you might expect and easier placement than the MWs. Molding the cone and dust cap into a one-piece flat-membrane results in a controlled roll off and high dynamics.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Come on guys, offers? Same ebay username as forum. Performance Alettoni Ammortizzatori sportivi regolabili Distanziali e Kit montaggio Filtri aria e accessori Molle e assetti sportivi Preparazioni sportive. Password Please enter a password for your user account. Nautica accessori e autoradio Fissaggio altoparlanti e clamp Accessori vari Altoparlanti Amplificatori Autoradio e Monitor Telecomandi e controlli remoti.

Yeah, looks like it fynaudio a tool mark from install before I purchased.

Potenza RMS Watt. The result is un-compromised, direct music enjoyment. The Esotec MW is a 17 cm 6. Installazione autoradio e monitor Mascherine Autoradio 1 e 2 din Dynaueio, telai e gabbie per autoradio e monitor Chiavi estrazione autoradio.

Dynaudio MWGT in door 3 | Musicar Northwest | Flickr

Dynamic impulses are reproduced precisely and without distortion, while impressive sound quality and high power handling capability are achieved. Abbigliamento e gadget Abbigliamento sportivo Gadget Espositori e supporti.

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I considered putting them in the rear as well, but don’t have the power to expand to rear fill. Caricabatterie Caricabatterie ed accessori.

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The 75 mm 3 inch voice-coil is exceptionally large and allows a most precise conversion of the amplifier’s signal to music. Ad Management by RedTyger. The time now is Quote message in reply? Risposta in frequenza 40 – Hertz. Small dents in each cone. Call them and verify their info. Marmitte e terminali universali Scarichi Sportivi Terminali universali. Add Thread to del. Potenza MAX Watt.

Posting Quick Reply dynahdio Please Wait. Nw160gt diffraction-optimized MSP cone improves imaging so that even at short listening distances a realistic, three-dimensional sound-stage can be enjoyed. They would rarely be used and not pushed hard at all.

Never noticed a difference in the sound, FWIW.

Casse acustiche, box per sub, accessori Box varie misure per subwoofer Gladen Sub Frames e accessori Radiatori passivi.

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